Friday, September 30, 2011

Fortress expo replays

Just got to play TS AND TR so heres some reps:

and heres one mort drops replay on TM:

Ignore his skill , it dont matter really even if he would be better

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Yesterday night wrote a list of strats I am using now:

############### VS ELF #################

Rule: always fast scout, warden,kotg,potm or tavern hero = go paladin first

1. Mort drops + variations (island expo,invisible knights,just knights,casters,rifles)

2. TS,TR = fortress expansion

3. No labaratory maps = 18tech rax after tech footies/rifles/caster
Variation: go 2rax after tech and expo or tower rush at tier2.(Alchy/naga vs DH?)

############### VS HUMAN #################

Rule: most important is to harass very well

1. Beastmaster mass knights non stop harassment

2. TR = fortress expansion , TS = fort. expo build , but go harass more first

3. Bloodmage mass breaker hit and runs and general harassment

4. 18tech AM + MK expo at tier 2 with casters

5. Mort drops + variations

And various mort/caster , caster , rifle/caster or whatever pushes on expansion.

############### VS ORC #################

1. Bloodmage paladin mass foots/rifles map control (use 18 tech?)

2. Crow's expo (on TM or so take expo alot later and use MK 2nd)
Variation: just dont expo at all , just creep and bank, footman+MK are great for that.

############### VS UNDEAD #################

Rule: most important is to level your + harass at same time preferably.

1. Mort drops + variations

2. SV = Paladin/bloodmage mass rifles , 17tech

3. EI,TR = 18tech Bloodmage rifles/casters Paladin (harass while creeping)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some reps

Heres some replays , 2 of them is vs AMAI , 1 vs normal player ( but very laggy me ) and other one is vs normal pc

These are just for basic guidelines or something , btw gonna upload soon another micro video where I just do some splitting training , which is very useful vs ELF

Monday, September 26, 2011


If anyone is reading this , I had no internet so couldnt attend the clanwars and stuff so sorry about that. In any case I got a couple of replays vs AMAI in my computer ( i am writing from college atm , only this website isnt blocked rofl ) , those reps pretty much show the things like fortress expansion in solo on TS/TR and some basic mort dropping + i am planning on making some knights harassment replays too. Alright see you once I get internet

Wednesday, September 21, 2011





expo = mort drops, counter expo , fortress expo , caster+morts push , mass mercs abuse
into mass knights , mass rifles push, mass knights harass , knights+caster non stop

no expo = mass breaker harass till 3/3 and knights.

Bloodmage paladin super good kai vs no expo. Archmage better with expos and stuff like



SV 17 tech into mass rifles map control

other maps go 18tech with guard tower into mass rifles PALA BLM map control?
Or BLM first MK 2nd or pala 2nd and harass with lvl 2 flamestrike once its ready while
other hero power creeps with mass rifles. Fast fiends = mass breakers at first , later
rifles or so.

18 tech generally vs UD , can trasfer into non stop pressure style vs UD too.

Bloodmage paladin super good



18tech after tech rax AM BeM harass real good with footies and summons until mass caster.
Crow expos real good shit too

caster expos , rifles pushes and stuff like that
Bloodmage paladin super good

rifles creeping ir ejimas iki tier 3 kad gaut upgrade ir 3rd hero koki pitlord mb?
+master priests ar knights are 4rax rifles or some shit.Mape Kaip TM ar pns.

Reikia megint paladin first irgi , super good hero



mort drops on all LABARATORY MAPS.Either into casters or mass copter island expo or even
non stop mort pressure.
rifles @SV , mortars @ EI , mortars or rifles @ TR ( arba paladin first
fast tech iki knights or whatever kol paladin lootina items is creeps. )

MB use troll priest to creep orange turtle while harassing and then militia creep to 3
and get morts/casters and push or so.


use human inventory to carry critters and stufff with peasant to nice spots

VS ELFS @ SV 18tech 2 rax and footies first or so.

Play bloodmage first i think and go critter creep?

rifle pushini , nauji rifles bega nuperka healscroll ir atnesa, real good

Pamegint Paladin first vs ELF labai daug. Paladin+naga rifles pushes vs DH and so.


Mass rifles every game BLM PALA BLM NAGA BLM MK OR SO and either rifle drops, rifle push
,island expo or anything similar. OR just take map control , creep freely and mass tower
expo while dropping rifles or just adapting to new army or whatever!

tech , mass footies kol tech , gaut apei 11 footies su 2dmg upgrades ir head off.

Jeigu iseis prasmukt ir pult expo hala ar pns gausi free towers at expo place yo.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Alright I decided that I wont post here anymore so imma finish it with a blast! ( Well not really )
Yesterday night I got inspiration to completely compile all my current experience into one little guide so that I would never ever feel lost again before wc3 match. So heres the shitty list I did ( note that alot of shit is written in Lithuanian , but it shouldnt be hard to understand , cuz I am talking about wc3 )

VS HUMAN ( visoks abuse vs expos , knight play vs no expo generaly )

TM , beastmaster harass , su quils gauti mercs ir spausti footmanus , cancelint towerius expu, imti expa knightais ir harass
su zepelin drops ir pnsiu stuff.

Beastmaster variations : 2nd DR + mass rifles push , Firelord ar ARCHMAGE 2nd ir mass caster push ar mass rifles, Archmage
2nd ir morts+casters push ( jai labaiiiiiii daug tower ar pns ) + visada galima eiti BeM firelord mass gryphons abuse.

Dire brook ( two rivers ), fortress expansion su Archmage ar Bloodmage ir tier 2 mase ar non stop abuse ar pns.
Galima mortarus palikt prie goldmine , turetu pasiekti prieso goldmine peasants. Ar pro ten su gryphons abuse or some stuff.

SV , fast altar archmage harass with blizz, oldsschool crowjam style. Galima ez creep shop su healthpot AM panda or so

mb AM PALADIN . 2arcane sanctums 1 rax mass breaker vs no t1 expo , vs t1 expo tier 2 push su morts/casters + tinker or so

( AM TINKER HARSS SUPRE GOOD ) ar counter expo su AM MK casters into t3 late game shit.

TR , CLOSE = archmage paladin ar pns mort/casters push , jai neturi towers ir no expo attempt at t1 tai mass hawks harass?

ar mort/casters push..........!

NO EXPO human = VISTIEK FORTRESS EXPANSION!!!!!!!!! PUSH IT NIGGA , tik saugotis gryphons , tai 2nd expo geriau neimt
tik viena vos vos expa paimt su towers, plant kokiu ivory towers kai imu 2nd hero is tavernos prie tavernos ir sita
eit harass ( AM TINKER? ) kol tie uzsiupgradins jau ir priestai atbegs prie towers ir super safe creeping niggga.

ECHO ISLES , Beastmaster harss + knights harass arba Bloodmage knights harass, use mercs and stuff.

TS , fortress expansion su AM BLM? AM PALA? or Bloodmage solo ir zep rass alot. Tada i knights harass and stuff like that.
Galima butu pries expo padaryt shredder drop and stuff. Ar tiesiog farms rass.

AMAZONIA, Mort drops( 1workshop 2 arcanes ) vs expo , knight play vs no expo ( oldschool stylo )

LR , Mort drops( 1workshop 2 arcanes ) vs expo , vs no expo , mort drops is 2 workshop + copters and stuff like that.

MELTING VALLEYYYYYYYYYY, mano special creep route technique ( am foots pradzia )




TS , fortress expo ( closed base , build towers in front unprotected ) + CASTERS AM BLM

TR , 18tech AM WE harass , rax after tech 3 footman BeM 2nd burrow harass , mass casters push.



ALL OTHER MAPS : Bloodmage footies start , go harass and stuff like that , yra progra expand while harassing ar go tier2
rifles + MK AR PALADIN ir creep with them while blm lvl 3 harasses acos and shit.

Jeigu ez lv3 gavau galima pitlord 2nd ir go KILL ALL FUCKIGN ZIGGURATS. O siaip normal riflecaster style arba jeigu fiends
and such galima eiti iki knights ir 3hero harassment yo! PLATOPLUS + CONTEMPT + NAZENARABA STYLES COMBINEDDDDDDDDDDDD.


TM , mort drops is 2 workshops(mb 3 workshops) I ISLAND EXPO SU COPTER.
arba Mort drops is 1 workshop i mass casters expansion. AM BLM.

DIREBROOK , fortress expansion casters+morts

TR , fortress expansion casters+morts AM PALA VS WARDEN OR SOME SHIT AM BLM IN GENERAL

SV , CROWS RIFLES 18 tech. ARBA 18 tech ar tai 20 tech ir po tech 2 rax mass footies ALCHEMIST harass ir 2nd MK,naga or so
ir tower rush! Ar expand ( tik reikia pereit i rifles ). VS WARDEN GO PALADIN FIRST BLOODMAGE 2nd MASS RIFLES PRIESTS PUSH.


ECHO ISLES, 21tech bloodmage, Elf expo= morts/casters pushhhhhhhhhhhh. NO expo = INVISIBLE KNIGHTS.




AMAZONIA, mort drops i MASS CASTERS ir push or so.



Saturday, September 17, 2011


My internet reset is coming soon so I wont post as much reading material now. Ill try focusing on playing as much games as I can and making replay packs ( its really better and more fun I think ).
So ye , ill do that

reps vs RUN

just played my solo matches in clanwar vs team RUN. Had to play vs undead so heres some replays:

EI game was experimental so dont give too many shits about it and SV game I wanted to try my SV vs undead with paladin first , I would always go MK first in other games : S

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Secret Valley vs UD

This map is pretty difficult vs undead , mostly because they can either go gargs and take fountains and fuck you up or they can go fiends and take middle shops and fuck you up.But this strategy that I developed long time ago from my huge hate and anger towards Undead , counters both.

Build order: ( the most important thing )

  • 5P to gold
  • 1P from hall altar , later wood
  • 2P from hall farm and later wood
  • 3P and so on goes to wood until 17food is reached ( including hero )

Hero choices:
As first hero either get Mountain king or Paladin. Both are good at defending tier 1 aggression and good at being aggressive vs UND.As second hero its your preference. Solid combo is Paladin+bloodmage or MountainKing+bloodmage or archmage.

Early game:

Just defend your base and run arround with your hero , scout what is your opponent doing , just you know normal tech stuff.But after you start teching (at 17 food) instantly make arcane tower and baracks and some farms, after that blacksmith and second baracks. Once its possible make 3footman and creep fountains.Start making rifles as soon as possible and go harassing with your footman+first hero while your 2nd hero with rifles creeps a couple of other camps (finishes fountain dragons and then unite and creep a middle shop spot or so. Just completely take advantage of your tier 2 superiority.Once thats done, push undead player and do things like kill ghouls, weaken hero , kill shop and then run away and creep something near him so he wouldnt have any creep camps left in the future ( this hurts undeads very bad , especially vs rifles ).

Middle game:

Once you are at 50food or near 50food , make arcane sanctum and make priests/sorcs ,at this time undead should be making abominations already. Or if you are not into rifle/casters you can go earlier tech to tier 3 and get mass gryphons+rifles, thats very fragile with 17tech tho' , because you dont have much wood , so invest a bit of gold into peasants.This will probably be a suicide if you didnt mess Undead player really good at tier 2, but if you did, this is probably a game winner. So if you went for rifle/casters , just set up an expansion and keep controlling the map, do bolt or holy light harassment on acolytes with staff and things like that.

( use clap to disable all the incoming ghouls )

Late game:

Its pretty bad that game went so far , it only does if you didnt keep that map control real good or undead player is camping like a faggot. Just smoke him out or try to get this into expo game, make more wood peasants and mass towers on ramps of red expansion spots and things like that.

Pressuring UD

This style is pretty effective vs UD on maps such as: SV,TR,AI and pretty much any map which is hard to creep on.

Build order:

18 tech with 1 tower: ( a bit open base is alright )

  • 5P to gold , first to comeback makes Altar, scouts
  • 1P from hall builds farm , later scout tower
  • 2P from hall goes gold
  • 3P from hall builds lumbermill
  • 4P from hall and so on goes wood.

( this is just an example, placement doseant matter that much , but make it secure )

Mentality: Prevent DK from getting level 3 , prevent undead from creeping in general.

Army: Knights/copters 3hero 3 staffs ( do armor upgrades )

Requirement: Very good micro

Early game:

Choose Bloodmage or MountainKing as your first hero and go for some harassment, never lose a trail of DK, he alone can creep orange camps with ease using rod of necromancy, so beware.By the way , alot of undeads like going fast fiends,late hero vs our tech ( it kinda sucks vs long tech , but is very effective vs this strategy ), from this big problem arise, you cant stop DK and alot of fiends from getting level 3 with 1 hero , but neither can you even if you had footman.So pretty much if you see undead going fast fiends , try to power level yourself and once you get your first knights outs do some sick harassment ( kill shop , kill zigs , kill aco and just staff knights out ). Or if the map is very small and shitty, skill level 2 siphon mana at level 3 bloodmage, with it you counter level 3-4 DK very easy, just bolt him and drain , same goes for lich.

Middle game:

By this time you got fully functional knight+3hero army poppin', try to clear or find a cleared expansion spot and expand while putting pressure on undead. If you cant then just wait in the opposite direction from your building expo and then you see with your scout copters that he is leaving his base to fuck your expo up , go in to his main base and destroy whatever you can see.

Late game:

Pretty much hero battles later on.

*note that if undead plays mass banshees , you are better off getting more knights than getting mortars for counter or go
spellbreakers or air or anything other than mortars , from my personal experience*

Misc. Tactics

This is a list of tactics which I used once upon a time, but I stopped because they werent flexibile enough or I just kinda sucked, you can try them yourself if you want.

*note that I forgot alot of them already*


  • MK tech, after tech 2 rax mass rifles and creep to lvl 3mk , alchy w/acidbomb 2nd and go fuck orc heroes up. ( its possible to get your own expo running with this too)
  • Bloodmage tech, straight to tier3, 2 arcane sanctums 1 baracks 1 workshop, creep with army till level 3 and do invis harass,scout orc with copters , if expo attempt or it is just late game already , break upkeep with caster/knight/sharded morts.One single fight , one single chance.


  • After tech 2 rax and mass footies, later rifles. First hero Alchy. Naga or mk 2nd and tower rush. ( hero focus mostly ) Tower rush once you get 2nd hero , instantly.( its possible to get your own expo running with this too)
  • Archmage tech w/ water elemental, solo creep everywhere, straight tier 3 tech, get beastmaster and firelord as other heroes, creep with mass summons everywhere while getting counter army. ( knights morts priests ussually )


  • Bloodmage tech into mass breakers , do damage upgrades and harass undeads shop and acolytes. While doing that expand.Think orc raiders.Kill undeads statues and focus hero in battles mostly.
  • Archmage tech, after tech 2 baracks and mass rifles, paladin 2nd , and add in some priests. Creep and push, use blizzard and holy light to defeat ghouls/aboms or fiends.


This :

Hidden Manner Kingdom

Hiddenmanner kingdom is a very useful skill to learn , it may give you a win in games you wouldnt normaly win or just give you a super advantage over your opponent.You may even have seen some of the pro HUMAN players do similar things in their games vs pro ELF players, especially on EI.

Heres a couple of good places for towers in most popular maps:

Cheesy techniques

This is just a list of things you can do. These things will work only if you are not scouted/countered properly. Which isnt hard really. So use at your own risk.

Instant expo (with or without fast altar):

Name pretty much explains it, once your hero is out you instantly expand.This is actually really effective on Echoisles, if lets say you went fast altar and your opponent went fast fiends ( later hero ) , you will get that expo up and will win like 80% chance. Because that huge ammount of money you get from expoing so early on , and that he isnt able to do almost any harassment, thats just soo goood.

Insta expo with tower support:

Just look at this picture:

You see if someone wouldav spawned close to me , I would insta lose , but if its faraway spawn I will get this expo up even on hard map like TM. (even if I get pressured after creeping the camp, I can get that expo up without footman on okay level, just use mass militia ).

Tier 1 expo while harassing:

Sneaky tower rush:

If opponent doseant scout this , he will most likely lose even if he is progamer.

Echo isles sneaky expansion:

Use flamestrike and peasant Attack-tree to clear the trees!

2v2 Teching guide

Its pretty hard to explain mine and CoNteMpT's 2v2 strats , because they always vary on situation, you just gotta know whats good and whats bad. And that comes from experience. So better than writing alot of stuff I'll just post a replay pack right here of us playing some ladder games and clanwars.Plus we chat alot in our replays , you could probably make a guide completely out of our chat heh.

*note that we keep upgrading while playing too , so older replays may not be really working strategies*

Replay pack:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paladin vs ELF

At first you may think:
"uh oh , but what about demon hunter and manaburn!?!??!"

But actually from alot of my experiences I can say that DH counters paladin only at tier 1 and early tier 2, but because we are playing tech with towers and such its not a problem at all to survive those periods and if you look at replays of ELF vs HU nowadays you will often see ELF's going heroes like Warden, Kotg and Darkranger , which paladin completely destroys! But afterall ,I recommend using paladin only on maps where theres no zeppelin, because if there is you can just go mort drops and things like that which are even more effective! ( exception would be Terenas Stand, paladin is great on that map ).BUT, in the end, I can add that Paladin first isn't really enjoyable hero to play vs DemonHunter, it would be better to leave a peasant near elfs altar and if its Demonhunter cancel your paladin and get someone else or get a tavern hero, something like alchemist is really good for tier 1 aggression, scouting and tier 2 pushing or power expo vs DH.
(guide about that you can find by going to this link: COMING SOON )

Build order:

21 tech with open base: ( or with one little opening )
  • 5P to gold
  • 1P from hall starts lumbermill , builds altar, builds 2 towers
  • 2P from hall builds farm , scouts
  • 3P from hall goes to wood
  • 4P from hall finishes lumbermill
  • 5P from hall builds farm
  • 6P and so on goes to wood.
Early game:

Pretty much try to creep up a little bit with militia and paladin or paladin alone (turtles on TurtleRock and divineshield), but at same time try to tech as fast as possible and get blacksmith and baracks as soon as possible. Make a couple of rifles and just creep casually, scout Elf potential expo places and if there is an expansion or attempt to make one , make bloodmage
2nd , mountain king or naga , arcane sanctum and produce mass rifles/caster and just push elf and win right there. If elf has mass hunts make rifles/morts and Paladin/Bloodmage(banish). If there is no expansion procceed teching to mass knights and do some harassing with your army once you get level 3 paladin, you shouldnt lose any units because of holylight.

( killed 2 dryads and an archer, and drained all opp's mana , lost nothing )

Middle game:

Just go arround do damage,delay elf until first knights pop up, once they do get expo or so and do some serious harassment with knights, because of strong holylight and staff and maybe even banish and drain , you will pretty much lose 0 knights while killing shitloads of his moonwells, draining alot of his mana and just eating up his mana.Paladin is great for delaying elf while getting that expo up and he is even great vs panda, holylights cooldown is low , so you can fully heal up like 3 knights or rifles before he gets his second bof on you.

( took down elf expo and running away, lost nothing , didnt even need to use tp )

*note that dont take everything litteraly , if you are facing something like mass air or dryads obviously go for workshop units like copter or mortars for support*

Late game:

Could even get 3rd hero and get a staff of sanctuary on every one of them and do some superb harassing with 3hero knights on things like , elfs expos, moonwells and stuff like that.If it transfered into expo game , you can easily do inivisible knights and kill elfs expos while getting your own or do one big, strong army of mort/caster/knight/gryphon or whatever. Really dependant on situation.

By the way , remember to shout : "Justice is served" after you win a battle, this makes your units get +1morale points.

Master on 2v2 @Goldshire

*note that only in this game did we use baracks , in all of the other 2v2's we played tower tech , but building placement is the same as in the picture*

[7:39:33 PM] Itachi: goldshire fortress expo
[7:39:34 PM] Itachi: is pretty good
[7:39:39 PM] Itachi: hero depends on enemys
[7:39:49 PM] Itachi: but if orc/ud or ud/ud you can go dual panda
[7:39:55 PM] Itachi: can also go blm/blm against everything
[7:40:01 PM] Itachi: and pala/blm or pala/am vs orc/elf
[7:40:25 PM] Itachi: one does the expansion with militia support of the other player and then proceeds to creep level 3 inside the fortress
[7:40:31 PM] Itachi: the other one harrasses with his hero
[7:40:42 PM] Itachi: so if go pala/blm or pala/am the one who expands gets the pala
[7:41:00 PM] Itachi: right after the expo is being build, the expander gets blacksmith and three baracks
[7:41:11 PM] Itachi: and then techs before building units
[7:41:20 PM] Itachi: after tech starts, he pumps out units nonstop to 50 suply
[7:41:27 PM] Itachi: and feeds his ally a little so he can get 50 suply aswell
[7:41:39 PM] Itachi: and then just banks a little and breaks to 80 suply immediately
[7:41:56 PM] Itachi: the non-expander gets casters no matter what, the expander gets either baracks-units only or adds the building required
[7:43:55 PM] Itachi: its very important
[7:44:05 PM] Itachi: to take mapcontrol immediately when unitproduction starts
[7:44:20 PM] Itachi: and try to creep the both remaining goldmines
[7:44:29 PM] Itachi: very important to get the big camps on the map

Monday, September 12, 2011


AMAI is modified warcraft 3 bots. They are made to act more "human" and just be better at everything. So I tried playing vs AMAI after long time ( I did abit when I was newbie ) and I can say that its alright , sure I can own them pretty hard by just attacking them while mass towers in expo spot or just by constant pressure , but its pretty good practice I could say. But to make it even better I'll try to do some AMAI modding right now , maybe even post AMAI bloodmage mod in the future lol. ( alright thats canceled , I dont really have the motivation to learn how to pearl atm )

Heres the website for download if you are interested: ( link is outdated already )

And heres a couple of replays of me vs AMAI:

EDIT: ( found old working link from other articles on this site, this is SE version not sure if its better or worse anymore? )



Sunday, September 11, 2011

Places to find tournaments

Alot of people are ussualy saying things like:

"uh oh wc3 is sooo dead theres no tournaments : ((( "

But thats completely not true , actually I am having a tournament in 2minutes.
Heres a couple of good websites for finding tournaments:
  • ( every saturday )
  • (just look for warcraft 3 tour, Bia cup happens every wednesday)
And of course theres various leagues starting left and right for which you have to register, just keep looking!

Replay Parser

Replay parser is a very useful tool . With it you can analise your replays real good and find out exactly what you had to do to win or just to check your APM or find some old replays of you!

download link:


Custom keys plays very important role in ones micro, to setup custom keys use program called

download link:

Heres customkeys setup I use:

Note that to enable customkeys you gotta go to warcraft 3 options and gameplay. And customkeys must be placed in warcraft 3 folder and named customkeys.txt

Replays #1

This is 1.26 version CoNteMpT replays , not that much in this pack

Crow's expo vs ORC

This strategy is very effective , I could even say nearly unbeatable on Echo isles by orc. On other maps its okay , but is very unstable vs fast wyverns + you cant do this strategy and have to play differently if orc player is teching very fast without baracks.

Build order:

21 tech closed base with shop:

  • 5P to gold
  • 1P from hall build altar, scout
  • 2p from hall build farm , later farm and shop
  • 3p from hall build lumbermill
  • 4p from hall build tower, later another tower
  • 5p from hall and so on go wood

Early game:

Always make Archmage as first hero and skill either blizzard or water elemental and go harassing. I personally prefer going blizzard , it deals quite alot of damage on orc units when defending your towers at expo which you will be building later on and is pretty good at harassing and in big fights , which will happen all the time after you get expo. Only thing that water elemental is better at doing is solo creeping and canceling burrows or shop.So like I was saying before just run arround and harass orc peons. Just delay his resources as much as you can , even if you dont kill peons they are not mining gold and you are, when building expansion this will be very useful. The main thing is to build baracks while doing all this and militia creep a green camp or so to have 1,5LVL Archmage or so. Because when you are going to creep expansion spot you will get level 2 archmage like this.

Orc went off on looting items with his BM , so I went in for some super harassment

Middle game:

From your baracks you built you should make 3 footman.Once you reach tier 2 , powerbuild 2 arcane sanctums with 2 peasants each and make Bloodmage as second hero ( skill him banish ). Once you got 2 priests and 2 sorcs , take 5 militia , 3 ivory towers , maybe healthpot (if you have money) and go expand. At this point even if orc player jacks you right after you start creeping , he cant do shit to you. Just banish low hp units or blademaster, at this time he cant have dispel so your slow will mess him up really bad too.Most important is to hold off until your 3 ivory towers are up, which is pretty easy. Once thats done, set up an expansion and scout orc player. If he is counter expoing at this time procceed on massing sorcs/footman and get some mercenaries and finish orc player for fast/easy win. But if you are unsure if you can do so just procceed on teching to tier 3 and getting knight/caster/mortar/gryph army with paladin 3rd and just creep arround.

Lure creeps with blizzard for 100% safe creeping

Late game:

Because this is expansion strategy , you can do whatever you want after you set it up.

In conclusion:

Just follow the rules and set up an expansion very easy, once thats done, just counter your opponent.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mass rifles vs ORC

This strategy is very useful vs orcs on Secret Valley and sometimes even Twisted Meadows or Turtle Rock. ( Tho I prefer another strategy on Turtle Rock )

Mentality: Take map control with militia and rifles. Disable heroes.

Build order:

21 tech , but a bit more closed up base:

  • 5p to gold
  • 1p from hall starts lumbermill , builds altar , builds 2 towers
  • 2p from hall farm , scouts
  • 3p from hall wood
  • 4p from hall finishes lumbermill
  • 5p from hall farm
  • 6p and so on wood

Build placement:

Something like this

Early game:

Skill your bloodmage banish first and go for some harassment.Do things like attacking creeps and then banishing yourself so that creeps would attack grunts or banish creeps orc is creeping just so you could delay him. At same time build 2 baracks and blacksmith and start pumping rifles and some upgrades. Your goal would be getting level 2 bloodmage before your paladin is our or once your paladin is out. You really need that siphon mana and banish combination to fight.

Middle game:

Once your paladin is out , you can officialy rename yourself into orc-ass whooper. Now anything that orc could have at tier 2 is owned by you. But still if you want to creep you need to call in some militia. Try to take creep camps in the middle of the map , getting some heal scrolls and proceeding into full scale assault vs orc. Aslong as you micro really good he cant win, unless he went for something not standart, like 2 baracks mass grunts/spiritwalkers. But versus things like that just use common sense to win. Vs grunts could just run in and kill all burrows or do some great harassing on his army and just run away or so.

By the way , note that , if you let orc creep freely and take good,big camps and get perfect orc army , you will probably lose. To fight vs late game orc army you really need casters and mortars or knights.

Late game:

If it came to this , buy mana pots on your heroes and push or try to force an expansion. Its very unlikely for game to last this long with mass rifles .

In conclusion:

Take map control with BLM/PALADIN and rifles , dont lose any units with banish and holy light.

Bloodmage Hotline

Played similar strategy to strategies in this website?

Lost badly or just need some advice for improvement?

write email to

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Some tips on becoming a better player

  • 4 knights with 2 attack upgrades and lvl 3 bloodmage take down elf expansion very fast , and its most likely that you wont lose a single knight!
  • 6 knights with 3 attack upgrades and lvl 3 bloodmage will kill elf tier 3 with 80% chance
  • You cant fight elf army with 50< food , gotta lame elfs in every way possible. ( unless you are riflecasting )
  • Most of the warcraft 3 players are very impatient , especially when you are invisible harassing them. Remember this, even if he was winning whole game it doseant count in the end.
  • Everything has advantage and disadvantage. Demon hunter may own you in ground fights , but you may own him in aerial/mortar drop fights. Same goes for pitlord , he may own your mortar drops , but you may own him in direct little food battles.
  • Never give up! Its very rare for everything to go as planned , thats why its fun. And its good training to do a big comeback.
  • Dont restrict yourself to one hero only , do various mixes and such.
  • Even if your opponent spots your towers it still takes time to destroy them , use that to creep or harass. In anyway you get big advantage.
  • Try to think clear. Understand what you must do to win. You need to take that expansion? You cant because his army is stronger? Buy yourself some time with going for all army harass on his base and instantly TP'ing while towering that expansion.
  • Its never to late to counter. Dont stick with one unit mix to the end even if it seems that counter units wont come in time.
  • Upgrades are very important in long run.
  • If you manualy order your peasant to return resources and after he returned to mine those resources again
    (clicking on gold mine with harverst command) , peasants will gather resources faster.
  • If your own unit attacks your own units , creeps will stop attacking that unit.( this is useful with militia )

Old school CoNteMpT guide

To those who dont know who CoNteMpT is , he is pretty much a better micro , better strategy version of AKM and version which played in leagues and such with success. ( No offence AKM ) .

Skill level: Medium-Hard
Most important: Harassment , patience
Mentality: Harass like a god , but don't lose units
Build orders:

21tech open base:
  • 5p to gold
  • 1p from hall starts lumbermill , builds altar , makes 2 towers
  • 2p from hall makes farm , scouts after finished
  • 3p from hall goes wood
  • 4p from hall goes lumbermill
  • 5p from hall makes second farm
  • 6p and soon goes wood

Build placement:

Just very open , very stable , opt for late game base.

Early game:
If map is good , creep something , maybe even go a bit faster hero build and creep something bigger to get level 2 instantly. This will allow you to do a little bit better harassment. But pretty much , try to creep as much as you can , use hero/mercs/miltia as much as you can to get level3. At same time don't forget to scout for expos.

Middle game:
If you got level 3 now , buy mana potion and go for some sweet harassment. Attack moonwells, farms, burrows , acolites/ziggurats anything. Just flamestrike everything you see and do that non stop until you get units. If opponent has heroes like Warden or demonhunter or mountain king , its better to go harassing with zeppelin , or just creep slower and harass only once you get invisibility and such. ( creeping slower will make you tech faster, 'thus you will get the invisibility sooner )

  • VS ELF , upgrade swords and go for 1 arcane sanctum and 2 baracks for invisible knights harassment.Once you got your first knight, make him and bloodmage invisible and buy staff of sanctuary and go for harassment. Focus moonwells, once elf comes let him focus your knight and staff him out once he gets low and then staff out yourself with the personal staff. Later do even more harassment , but with more knights. Take down elf expansions with 4 knights and bloodmage + TP.  Keep doing that as you build a counter army with other units. If needed make more towers at homebase. If elf went hunts + expansion, mortar drops or just mort/caster push is alot better. ( invisible knights biggest weakness is huntress with the vision owl upgrade, 1 or 2 hunts wont produce enough of them, but mass hunts will )
  • VS HUMAN , in tier 2 build 2 arcane sanctums and mass some breakers + priests. Use one breaker as a scout, while others + bloodmage go for raids on humans base peasants. While you are harassing use priests + militia + breakers at base to farm some camps for you. Tech tier 3 after 40 + food and prepare to get knights. Upgrade swords for more successful harassment, but get 3 armor upgrades for best big fights. Use zeppelin + shredder or just zeppelin and bloodmage with mana pot as much as possible, it really destroys humans. If human goes gryphons, just get mass copter instantly. It hard counters them + once you kill all of the gryphons, you can upgrade bombs on the copters and help you harass even more. And of course it will allow you to dominate with zeppelin and kill humans base pretty much alone with bloodmage and zeppelin.
  • VS ORC , if wyverns , then just go mass invisible harassment until you got enough copters to kill them all. Then do so and switch to knights/sorcs and proceed to harassing even more. ( copters will reveal all of the orc placed wards, so you can destroy them and continue abusing invisibility ). If standart play , then tech to gryphons while making some sorcs. If orc is making alot of anti-gryphon units , just transfer to sorcs/breaker ( same sword upgrades ) and some knight later on ( to help you kill blade and raiders ).Skill your bloodmage Flamestrike drain Flamestrike banish ( otherwise hero focus will get you ). Banish is very handy vs ORC , same goes for Knights. Knights/caster beat any ground army orc can have , except for taurens. Only problem is kodo hit and runs, but its hard for orc to get alot of kodos really fast, so knight expo is really viable. In short, do sword upgrades, get decent ammount of breakers and casters and help your bloodmage get level 3, use invisibility and harass with bloodmage + gryphons, if orc is investing into countering alot, switch to full ground force with knights, otherwise continue making gryphs.
  • VS UNDEAD , go tier 3 right away + build workshop. Scout with copters arround the map while bloodmage harasses undead. Build paladin 2nd and make knights. Bloodmage + 1 knight + staffs harass undead ziggurts and acos while paladin + other knights farm big camps. At same time have copters patroling and searching for undead, so that your raids would be nice and easy. Later do raids with more knights and insta kill alot of buildings. Use 2 staffs of sanctuary on your champions as well. Vs mass air just get alot of copters and win the game.
Late game:

In the end its ussualy you making an expansion with bigger/better army , because you harassed alot alot alot and lost almost nothing. Or you making a final push on your opponents expo with better heroes. Remember , most important is to harass super good. Use whatever it takes.

(CoNteMpT has bigger army in this game cuz he killed elf expo with cannon towers)

In conclusion:

Creep up your bloodmage to do more effective harassment while getting units capable of harassing ( invisible knights , invisible mortars , invisible gryphons , just knights or air units ) without dying. Harass while countering your opponents army which most likely was made to counter your harassing units.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Classic angry_korea_man guide

Well you could say that AKM never really had "his" style , because judging from his replays everygame he ussualy plays different. ( tries instantly expanding , creeps with towers , places cannon towers in the trees ). But still AKM ussualy seemed to have this slow pace of gameplay and focused on taking expo with many towers with a counter army, mostly because Bloodmage cant really push that good and he is much better at defending near towers.

Skill level: Medium

Most important: Patience

Mentality: get counter army and expand with alot of towers

Build orders:

21tech with shop :

  • 5P to gold
  • 1p from hall goes altar , make some towers after finished
  • 2p from hall goes farm , build another farm and shop later
  • 3p from hall goes lumbermill
  • 4p from hall goes wood
  • 5p scout

( you can change this build up to fit your own wishes , its pretty flexible )

Build placement:

Because you are opting for long expansion game , you would want to have a very secure base.
You should really try making your own build placement to fill in your weaknesses in defence.

Heres a build placement I use myself:

Early game:

With bloodmage alone you cant really do any effective harassment , unless your opponent is human player.Mostly try to scout your opponent and harass him really good if he tries to expand. But once its night try to go and critter creep . ( i'll post several replays of me critter creeping in all of the most popular maps nowadays ). If you get jacked while critter creeping , dont worry and just TP or runaway instantly while calling militia from home to creep something near you. (because your opponent just jacked you , he will be finishing creeps you were trying to kill , so you have some free time to creep anything near you no problem).
If map doseant have any good critter creep spots , you can just miltia-creep while harassing with bloodmage.

Middle game:

Somewhere at this time you should scout with militia or with hero (if its safe) your opponents base and see exactly what he is he doing and make appropriate buildings.But no matter what units you want to make , always include arcane sanctum! Bloodmage without any support from priests or sorcs is very weak. And dont forget, get counter army and expand with alot of towers and then get another counter army and then expand again with alot of tower and harass with bloodmage your opponents base and workers using invisibility
(can invisibile your units too and help your bloodmage to harass).

Late game:

This really depends on your middle game. Just remember , whenever you think you can take expansion , do it.

Heres a couple of ideas on how to get expo safely:

  • Bank whole game and scout with copter to see your opponents army and if he is taking any expansions, if he does try to take an expansion , break upkeep with counter army and take expansion with alot of tower.
  • Harass with your hero while army and peasants creep and tower up expo.
  • Do zepelin drops with mortars and copters , while casters and militia creep expansion spot and tower it up.
  • Invisible knights harassment or invisible mortars harassment while towering expansion.

Its really all up to you , I could tell you all the combinations to do and so , but like that you wouldnt improve as a player and just follow the rules like a sheep. Most important is to upgrade your intuition and imagination and just feel the game and do whatever it takes to get that expo up.

critter creeping replay pack:

In conclusion:

Scout , counter instantly and wait at 50food for your move. Fill in the wait with harassment. Once the moment appears , go for that expansion. Then repeat until you win.

Useful youtube channels

Me and my master will be posting more stuff soon , which should be quite helpfun on your journey to becoming a solid bloodmage player
  • ( in german language )
  • ( more stuff to come soon )

Old replays

Heres a couple of places to find some good replays :
  • ( surf previous pages for warcraft3 replays )
By the way , if you want to find some old replays with interesting strategies in them search for players like : platoplus-ghost ( or plato-ghost , human player ) , angry_korea_man (human) , contempt or cokacolaconti (human) , crowjam (human) , yarakyo (human)

To watch older replays the best tool to use would probably be ever-craft .

download link :

Dont sweat it if program throws you errors then you try to patch to versions 1.20 or up , it still makes your warcraft 3 1.01 version , so you can just manualy patch your warcraft 3 with any patch you need!

Old crowjam's warcraft 3 guide

Complete Crow's human guide!
As most of you may know i am techer ( aka guy who techs without baracks ) so i just wanted to make a guide of my strategy! ( not all obviously , because if i share all my secrets i will get very vulnerable at clanwars and stuff )

Why play without baracks?
Imo playing without baracks is so much better , you get so many options + its very tricky , lots of players think you will lame and you just go push them and finish the game or if they expect you to push you just lame and mass towers or anything! And without baracks you have decent chance to win a game vs any race with any hero !

Build orders
There is alot of builds ( like teching without altar or something crazy ) , but i am going to tell you only standart/safe ones

Standart 20food tech
4P gold mine 1P altar
1P from hall 2 farms ( try making block )
2P makes lumbermill
3P goldmine
4P 2 towers
5p wood
Keep making Peasants until you have 20food ( 15peasant 1 hero )
This build is best vs orc/undead , is fine vs elf if you are completly sure he wont be aggresive or glaive push you

Standart 21 + shop tech
4P goldmine 1P altar
1P from hall makes 2 farms + 1 shop
2P goldmine
3P makes lumbermill ( inside base )
4P Makes 1 tower after done goes to place where second tower will be built , later builds it
5P wood
and keep making peasants until you have 21food
This is standart built vs Human and is very very safe , if anyone will try to do very big push vs you he will lose to you 95% , probaly best vs ELF because elf players mostly push or kills your shop and runs away ( build a block with your shop so peasants could repair it easily from inside of the base )

Super quick 18food tech
Do this only if map is really big or you feeling lucky lol
4P gold mine 1P altar ( later builds 2 towers , but upgrade only 1)
1P from hall wood
2P from hall farm
3P gold
4P wood
and keep making Peasants until you have 18 food ( 13P's 1 hero )

Not viable in human mirror , okay vs orc ( super bad vs FS ) , very very bad vs elf in small maps or maps with mercs ( if he gets some and makes lots of archers or gets DR as his 1st hero you will probaly lose once you get tier 2 ) , Good vs undead ,because undead mostly techs quick too

First hero choices




*gets countered by darkranger , so dont use it on DR maps



BEST <33
One of the best

*Must lvl 2 until your tier2 , otherwise you are fucked

Mountain king


poor choice * mass dry + expo = gg bro
Very nice
Bad * 33 orc heroes > you at t2 + you wont even be able to creep shitty green camps at t2

Manly Paladin

Worst choice lol ( only thing i imagine you can do with this hero is going some breaker/rifle mix probaly , like getting rifles while teching and creepin some camps with mercs and getting 2nd hero bloodmage and push expo?? , but if your human opponent doseant expand you prob will lose vs panda)
Not really good idea , but maybe with knights or smthg on non-expo map *autolose vs mass expos and aoe hero lame
Gogo rifles with inner fire?

As for Tavern heroes
Anything what can harass , solo creep or be superior at lvl 3 is good

Tip to get lvl 2 easily :

While harassing buy a staff , and teleport to your militia which is creeping/is going to creep( or just creep without hero )

Step 1: Survining rushes
Well its first thing all techers have to learn , because all the noobs or "pros" like to rush us , its not hard to fend off , but the better techer you are the faster you fend off rush without losing anything ( sometimes you can let those towers go up on purpose , make him waste all his resources for those towers while you get masanory upgrade,few more peasant and mort/priest inside your base , like this after you fend off that rush you win 99% )

Mass footies,ghouls,archers,mercs :
Get two more towers + masanory upgrade + 2nd AOE hero or MK ( good thing would be to have an enterance to your base vs mass footies or ghouls )
If he towers you too , just call militia , delay towers , get mort/priest 2nd hero or just pure caster + militia and 2nd hero )

Mass hunts and few glaives + AP's :
This one is tougher! vs hunts and few glaives get few more towers and mort/priest and masanory upgrade or power build smith and baracks and get some footman and rifleman skill your archmage ( if you went AM ) WE , delay towers get Beastmaster 2nd ( quils )

vs some hunts and ALOT ALOT ALOT of glaives
, skill WE(blizz possible if you somehow got lvl 3 , aka mannered crept ) , get some footmen + beastmaster or panda!( only this can fend it off )

mass archer push at t2 with dr/naga , you just need an enterance to your base and 2nd hero ASAP ( aoe rape those archer ) or if you went for riflecater build you can get Panda , or DR 2nd

fiends push with DK ( insert 2nd hero here ) , well vs fiends you should have lvl 2 hero by now for sho ( vs fast fiends dont harass ) same what vs mass archers does work , but MK 2nd or Naga 2nd ( if you went paladin ) and mass breakers fend this off easily too, you even score some kills !

Human tier 2 Mort push , ye sometimes humans get like MK and mortars and push you at tier 2 , for that you should make MK or paladin for yourself ( MK if you going to get breaker/knight and crush him in one direct fight and Paladin if you want to play mortar fight )

destro push , well best thing vs destros is just get 2 workshops and 1 arcane ( few priests will help you creep with your heroes easily ) if you got delayed like hell just spam lotsa copters and make some more towers , it would be really good idea to get 2nd hero cuz after you kill all his destros you will have high levels and dude BLM PALA or AM MK with high levels will completly rape undead army , acos , heroes , but well if you cant micro and you teched pretty quick you may just get some tanks with rocktz ( get tanks vs panda + destro too , otherwise you are doomed )

Extra tip: scout at tier 1 often vs elf so you could see what he is doing , ITS VERY IMPORTANT!

Step 2 : early game

Early game is pretty much the same vs all races , you just run arround while creeping with militia , maybe scoring some kills .
Except orcs! Vs orc your mission 1 with archmage would be to delay his shop with WE's IF POSSIBLE! mission 2 would be to get lvl 2 maybe 2,5 till tier 2 .
If you played bloodmage( banish ) your mission 1 would be to delay his creeping while milicreep till level 2 ( but its not that important as with AM ) thing you can do is banish creeps he is about to kill or banish tanking blademaster if he is taking big camp or anything.

Step 3 : tier 2
This is your time to shine , real warcraft begins! Ussualy from here you make your final decision on what unit mix you will use now and will you go tier 3 , make expansion or push . All of the options are viable!

Safiest would be getting 2 arcane sanctrums and scouting to see what is your opponent doing and from there do your final decision.

Vs Orc
Orc went for 1 beastiary / 1 lodge no towers and no warmill yet = caster push
Orc went for 2 beastiary = make smith and baracks and creep with caster while getting rifles or make smith , research invisibility and take panda as 2nd hero ( yes yes invis lame ! ) and make workshop later
Orc went 2 lodges Oo = mass breaker push + mk ?
Orc went 2 beastiarys / 1 lodge and didnt build almost any grunts = beastmaster push , if you picked bloodmage go expand or bank/push and get some rifles with paladin
Orc 1 beastiary / 1 lodge and towers = go expand
Orc goes tier 3 = expand or push ( Hero expand = panda , push = mk )

*NEWS : vs orc wyver lame its best to get 2nd hero ( BLM or MK ) get some hawks and caster and just finish game , rifles ARE NOT VIABLE vs good lamers

Vs Human
Human went tier 1 expansion = Get tinker 2nd , kill workers , get casters + mortars , push = win ( human have no freakin chance to fend off your push )
Human have lumbermill = probaly he is going for expansion , go creep big camp and get Knights/breakers
Human is teching to tier3 = Tech to tier 3 and go for casters while building blacksmith and baracks ( MK , panda , naga 2nd , take naga only if you have mercs and you want to do little push , pick off footmen or smthg)
Human have 2 arcane sanctrums = go tier 3 get knights/breakers maybe mortars or some mass knights + some priests combo

Vs Elf
If he went for DH , you should have blacksmith and baracks built by now and have like 2 rifles ( most viable strat vs DH is riflecaster ) get mk 2nd
Elf made tier 1 expansion = If DH , do rifle push , win ; If Warden *NEWS : its viable to play mine riflecaster vs any strat night elf can do! , but after you take down expansion you either finish it or go buy healscrolls , cuz bro without them you die
Elf is teching to tier 3 = *NEWS: its not viable to play that mortar+caster strat vs elf , too risky , to low creeping power , so just go for "Zoo keeper" ( Tri-Summon hero mix ) and Knights + morts + priests , bank like crazy man and solo creep with summon heroes ( AM lvl3 , BeM lvl 1 and FL lvl 1 can take red camp on SV alone easily lol )

Elf is massing dryads and other tier 2 stuff = get morts + 1 tower and some 2nd hero , this should be problem

Vs Undead
Undead have only ghouls and teching to tier 3 ( prob destros ) = make smith , go to t3 insta , make 1 workie , scout , if destros get 2nd workie , make coptorz + some priests ( dont forget to scout with copters! )
Undead is heavy on fiends getting getting slaughter hause and 2nd hero BEFORE tech = go creep , prepare for aggression and get mass breakers and MK 2nd!
Undead is teching to tier 3 , but have lots of fiends = Caster/rifle mix + blizzclap )

Step 4 : Creeping

So you may ask yourself , how the hell should i creep at early t2? Everyone will just jack me and kill my priests/sorcs whatever.
Answer is , lots of militia everywhere you go and dust vs orcs
* btw vs orcs you can banish a creep and finish it with your casters magic attack so blademan couldnt kill that creep and get exp!

And just before you have like only first casters just creep green camps and after you got like 6 take lots of mili ( 6-7 ) and creep orange camp!


This stuff is great , especially if you are bloodmage lover! I wont talk alot about it , i better show you replays of it in action!

Manner creep on TM =
Manner creep on SV =

This is just some basics to give you ideas!

So you face a fellow techer , well dont you fear crowjam is here , just do this stuff :


Just take down expos , banish and drain stuff , dont lose units and make your own expos

What if he went for super fast tech with FS?

Skill WE , delay his burrows , power build barax after teching and go delay him more , get beastmaster and delay him even more and more while getting caster ( if you fail at delaying him and he is getting late barax and grunts , just go creep and take bloodmage 2nd or some MK )


Well this aint easy to tell , because it will be an EPIC GAME where you and other player will counter each other 99999times in game ( if both decent ) and there will be 9999999 peasants deaths lmao . But if your opponent is newbie techer you can end the game with this combo really quick :

Just make 2 workshops , 1 arcane and go in kill farms , shop , his altar if possible , maybe you will end game here , but if you dont , dont worry just go make some counter units , kill some more farms or smthg

Step 6 : Cheesy/lolzy strategies

So if you sometimes want to play some crazy shit heres some ideas for you :


Tech with 1 arcane tower and right after you tech make barax and smith , tech to innerfire and only after you got it fight! ( Alchys skills is your choice , i prefer bomb + heal vs und and bomb + rage vs orc ) *Paladin can be used instead if you really want to lol


*ONLY VS FIENDS Really nice vs fiends , cuz tinker > fiends pushes and tinker > fiends camping at base . Just harass acos , make expos and towers



Go for standart 20food tech build , but once you have enough wood for smith and 2 barax , build them , start massing rifles while harassing with quils + BeM and go for a tower rush once you got more rifles!


Mili creep your panda to lvl 3 and harass lots while getting griphins , later make expo and counter copters with tanks + barrage if needed too


ABUSE TO THE MAX , with factory + mass mili and towers near expo you will be able to take expansion no problem and defend any push ( 'cept mass glaives , but vs mass glaives just tech and win in tier 2 lol ) Then just mass towers , copters with bombs , tanks , expos , even more towers and throwin' factories near elf base in like 2hours the night elf player will be finished lol!

I think thats it guys , if theres any questions ask and i will update this guide!

Replays : ,