Monday, September 12, 2011


AMAI is modified warcraft 3 bots. They are made to act more "human" and just be better at everything. So I tried playing vs AMAI after long time ( I did abit when I was newbie ) and I can say that its alright , sure I can own them pretty hard by just attacking them while mass towers in expo spot or just by constant pressure , but its pretty good practice I could say. But to make it even better I'll try to do some AMAI modding right now , maybe even post AMAI bloodmage mod in the future lol. ( alright thats canceled , I dont really have the motivation to learn how to pearl atm )

Heres the website for download if you are interested: ( link is outdated already )

And heres a couple of replays of me vs AMAI:

EDIT: ( found old working link from other articles on this site, this is SE version not sure if its better or worse anymore? )



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