Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cheesy techniques

This is just a list of things you can do. These things will work only if you are not scouted/countered properly. Which isnt hard really. So use at your own risk.

Instant expo (with or without fast altar):

Name pretty much explains it, once your hero is out you instantly expand.This is actually really effective on Echoisles, if lets say you went fast altar and your opponent went fast fiends ( later hero ) , you will get that expo up and will win like 80% chance. Because that huge ammount of money you get from expoing so early on , and that he isnt able to do almost any harassment, thats just soo goood.

Insta expo with tower support:

Just look at this picture:

You see if someone wouldav spawned close to me , I would insta lose , but if its faraway spawn I will get this expo up even on hard map like TM. (even if I get pressured after creeping the camp, I can get that expo up without footman on okay level, just use mass militia ).

Tier 1 expo while harassing:

Sneaky tower rush:

If opponent doseant scout this , he will most likely lose even if he is progamer.

Echo isles sneaky expansion:

Use flamestrike and peasant Attack-tree to clear the trees!

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