Thursday, September 8, 2011

Classic angry_korea_man guide

Well you could say that AKM never really had "his" style , because judging from his replays everygame he ussualy plays different. ( tries instantly expanding , creeps with towers , places cannon towers in the trees ). But still AKM ussualy seemed to have this slow pace of gameplay and focused on taking expo with many towers with a counter army, mostly because Bloodmage cant really push that good and he is much better at defending near towers.

Skill level: Medium

Most important: Patience

Mentality: get counter army and expand with alot of towers

Build orders:

21tech with shop :

  • 5P to gold
  • 1p from hall goes altar , make some towers after finished
  • 2p from hall goes farm , build another farm and shop later
  • 3p from hall goes lumbermill
  • 4p from hall goes wood
  • 5p scout

( you can change this build up to fit your own wishes , its pretty flexible )

Build placement:

Because you are opting for long expansion game , you would want to have a very secure base.
You should really try making your own build placement to fill in your weaknesses in defence.

Heres a build placement I use myself:

Early game:

With bloodmage alone you cant really do any effective harassment , unless your opponent is human player.Mostly try to scout your opponent and harass him really good if he tries to expand. But once its night try to go and critter creep . ( i'll post several replays of me critter creeping in all of the most popular maps nowadays ). If you get jacked while critter creeping , dont worry and just TP or runaway instantly while calling militia from home to creep something near you. (because your opponent just jacked you , he will be finishing creeps you were trying to kill , so you have some free time to creep anything near you no problem).
If map doseant have any good critter creep spots , you can just miltia-creep while harassing with bloodmage.

Middle game:

Somewhere at this time you should scout with militia or with hero (if its safe) your opponents base and see exactly what he is he doing and make appropriate buildings.But no matter what units you want to make , always include arcane sanctum! Bloodmage without any support from priests or sorcs is very weak. And dont forget, get counter army and expand with alot of towers and then get another counter army and then expand again with alot of tower and harass with bloodmage your opponents base and workers using invisibility
(can invisibile your units too and help your bloodmage to harass).

Late game:

This really depends on your middle game. Just remember , whenever you think you can take expansion , do it.

Heres a couple of ideas on how to get expo safely:

  • Bank whole game and scout with copter to see your opponents army and if he is taking any expansions, if he does try to take an expansion , break upkeep with counter army and take expansion with alot of tower.
  • Harass with your hero while army and peasants creep and tower up expo.
  • Do zepelin drops with mortars and copters , while casters and militia creep expansion spot and tower it up.
  • Invisible knights harassment or invisible mortars harassment while towering expansion.

Its really all up to you , I could tell you all the combinations to do and so , but like that you wouldnt improve as a player and just follow the rules like a sheep. Most important is to upgrade your intuition and imagination and just feel the game and do whatever it takes to get that expo up.

critter creeping replay pack:

In conclusion:

Scout , counter instantly and wait at 50food for your move. Fill in the wait with harassment. Once the moment appears , go for that expansion. Then repeat until you win.

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