Sunday, September 11, 2011

Crow's expo vs ORC

This strategy is very effective , I could even say nearly unbeatable on Echo isles by orc. On other maps its okay , but is very unstable vs fast wyverns + you cant do this strategy and have to play differently if orc player is teching very fast without baracks.

Build order:

21 tech closed base with shop:

  • 5P to gold
  • 1P from hall build altar, scout
  • 2p from hall build farm , later farm and shop
  • 3p from hall build lumbermill
  • 4p from hall build tower, later another tower
  • 5p from hall and so on go wood

Early game:

Always make Archmage as first hero and skill either blizzard or water elemental and go harassing. I personally prefer going blizzard , it deals quite alot of damage on orc units when defending your towers at expo which you will be building later on and is pretty good at harassing and in big fights , which will happen all the time after you get expo. Only thing that water elemental is better at doing is solo creeping and canceling burrows or shop.So like I was saying before just run arround and harass orc peons. Just delay his resources as much as you can , even if you dont kill peons they are not mining gold and you are, when building expansion this will be very useful. The main thing is to build baracks while doing all this and militia creep a green camp or so to have 1,5LVL Archmage or so. Because when you are going to creep expansion spot you will get level 2 archmage like this.

Orc went off on looting items with his BM , so I went in for some super harassment

Middle game:

From your baracks you built you should make 3 footman.Once you reach tier 2 , powerbuild 2 arcane sanctums with 2 peasants each and make Bloodmage as second hero ( skill him banish ). Once you got 2 priests and 2 sorcs , take 5 militia , 3 ivory towers , maybe healthpot (if you have money) and go expand. At this point even if orc player jacks you right after you start creeping , he cant do shit to you. Just banish low hp units or blademaster, at this time he cant have dispel so your slow will mess him up really bad too.Most important is to hold off until your 3 ivory towers are up, which is pretty easy. Once thats done, set up an expansion and scout orc player. If he is counter expoing at this time procceed on massing sorcs/footman and get some mercenaries and finish orc player for fast/easy win. But if you are unsure if you can do so just procceed on teching to tier 3 and getting knight/caster/mortar/gryph army with paladin 3rd and just creep arround.

Lure creeps with blizzard for 100% safe creeping

Late game:

Because this is expansion strategy , you can do whatever you want after you set it up.

In conclusion:

Just follow the rules and set up an expansion very easy, once thats done, just counter your opponent.

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