Friday, September 9, 2011

Mass rifles vs ORC

This strategy is very useful vs orcs on Secret Valley and sometimes even Twisted Meadows or Turtle Rock. ( Tho I prefer another strategy on Turtle Rock )

Mentality: Take map control with militia and rifles. Disable heroes.

Build order:

21 tech , but a bit more closed up base:

  • 5p to gold
  • 1p from hall starts lumbermill , builds altar , builds 2 towers
  • 2p from hall farm , scouts
  • 3p from hall wood
  • 4p from hall finishes lumbermill
  • 5p from hall farm
  • 6p and so on wood

Build placement:

Something like this

Early game:

Skill your bloodmage banish first and go for some harassment.Do things like attacking creeps and then banishing yourself so that creeps would attack grunts or banish creeps orc is creeping just so you could delay him. At same time build 2 baracks and blacksmith and start pumping rifles and some upgrades. Your goal would be getting level 2 bloodmage before your paladin is our or once your paladin is out. You really need that siphon mana and banish combination to fight.

Middle game:

Once your paladin is out , you can officialy rename yourself into orc-ass whooper. Now anything that orc could have at tier 2 is owned by you. But still if you want to creep you need to call in some militia. Try to take creep camps in the middle of the map , getting some heal scrolls and proceeding into full scale assault vs orc. Aslong as you micro really good he cant win, unless he went for something not standart, like 2 baracks mass grunts/spiritwalkers. But versus things like that just use common sense to win. Vs grunts could just run in and kill all burrows or do some great harassing on his army and just run away or so.

By the way , note that , if you let orc creep freely and take good,big camps and get perfect orc army , you will probably lose. To fight vs late game orc army you really need casters and mortars or knights.

Late game:

If it came to this , buy mana pots on your heroes and push or try to force an expansion. Its very unlikely for game to last this long with mass rifles .

In conclusion:

Take map control with BLM/PALADIN and rifles , dont lose any units with banish and holy light.

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