Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Master on 2v2 @Goldshire

*note that only in this game did we use baracks , in all of the other 2v2's we played tower tech , but building placement is the same as in the picture*

[7:39:33 PM] Itachi: goldshire fortress expo
[7:39:34 PM] Itachi: is pretty good
[7:39:39 PM] Itachi: hero depends on enemys
[7:39:49 PM] Itachi: but if orc/ud or ud/ud you can go dual panda
[7:39:55 PM] Itachi: can also go blm/blm against everything
[7:40:01 PM] Itachi: and pala/blm or pala/am vs orc/elf
[7:40:25 PM] Itachi: one does the expansion with militia support of the other player and then proceeds to creep level 3 inside the fortress
[7:40:31 PM] Itachi: the other one harrasses with his hero
[7:40:42 PM] Itachi: so if go pala/blm or pala/am the one who expands gets the pala
[7:41:00 PM] Itachi: right after the expo is being build, the expander gets blacksmith and three baracks
[7:41:11 PM] Itachi: and then techs before building units
[7:41:20 PM] Itachi: after tech starts, he pumps out units nonstop to 50 suply
[7:41:27 PM] Itachi: and feeds his ally a little so he can get 50 suply aswell
[7:41:39 PM] Itachi: and then just banks a little and breaks to 80 suply immediately
[7:41:56 PM] Itachi: the non-expander gets casters no matter what, the expander gets either baracks-units only or adds the building required
[7:43:55 PM] Itachi: its very important
[7:44:05 PM] Itachi: to take mapcontrol immediately when unitproduction starts
[7:44:20 PM] Itachi: and try to creep the both remaining goldmines
[7:44:29 PM] Itachi: very important to get the big camps on the map

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