Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Misc. Tactics

This is a list of tactics which I used once upon a time, but I stopped because they werent flexibile enough or I just kinda sucked, you can try them yourself if you want.

*note that I forgot alot of them already*


  • MK tech, after tech 2 rax mass rifles and creep to lvl 3mk , alchy w/acidbomb 2nd and go fuck orc heroes up. ( its possible to get your own expo running with this too)
  • Bloodmage tech, straight to tier3, 2 arcane sanctums 1 baracks 1 workshop, creep with army till level 3 and do invis harass,scout orc with copters , if expo attempt or it is just late game already , break upkeep with caster/knight/sharded morts.One single fight , one single chance.


  • After tech 2 rax and mass footies, later rifles. First hero Alchy. Naga or mk 2nd and tower rush. ( hero focus mostly ) Tower rush once you get 2nd hero , instantly.( its possible to get your own expo running with this too)
  • Archmage tech w/ water elemental, solo creep everywhere, straight tier 3 tech, get beastmaster and firelord as other heroes, creep with mass summons everywhere while getting counter army. ( knights morts priests ussually )


  • Bloodmage tech into mass breakers , do damage upgrades and harass undeads shop and acolytes. While doing that expand.Think orc raiders.Kill undeads statues and focus hero in battles mostly.
  • Archmage tech, after tech 2 baracks and mass rifles, paladin 2nd , and add in some priests. Creep and push, use blizzard and holy light to defeat ghouls/aboms or fiends.


This :

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