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Old crowjam's warcraft 3 guide

Complete Crow's human guide!
As most of you may know i am techer ( aka guy who techs without baracks ) so i just wanted to make a guide of my strategy! ( not all obviously , because if i share all my secrets i will get very vulnerable at clanwars and stuff )

Why play without baracks?
Imo playing without baracks is so much better , you get so many options + its very tricky , lots of players think you will lame and you just go push them and finish the game or if they expect you to push you just lame and mass towers or anything! And without baracks you have decent chance to win a game vs any race with any hero !

Build orders
There is alot of builds ( like teching without altar or something crazy ) , but i am going to tell you only standart/safe ones

Standart 20food tech
4P gold mine 1P altar
1P from hall 2 farms ( try making block )
2P makes lumbermill
3P goldmine
4P 2 towers
5p wood
Keep making Peasants until you have 20food ( 15peasant 1 hero )
This build is best vs orc/undead , is fine vs elf if you are completly sure he wont be aggresive or glaive push you

Standart 21 + shop tech
4P goldmine 1P altar
1P from hall makes 2 farms + 1 shop
2P goldmine
3P makes lumbermill ( inside base )
4P Makes 1 tower after done goes to place where second tower will be built , later builds it
5P wood
and keep making peasants until you have 21food
This is standart built vs Human and is very very safe , if anyone will try to do very big push vs you he will lose to you 95% , probaly best vs ELF because elf players mostly push or kills your shop and runs away ( build a block with your shop so peasants could repair it easily from inside of the base )

Super quick 18food tech
Do this only if map is really big or you feeling lucky lol
4P gold mine 1P altar ( later builds 2 towers , but upgrade only 1)
1P from hall wood
2P from hall farm
3P gold
4P wood
and keep making Peasants until you have 18 food ( 13P's 1 hero )

Not viable in human mirror , okay vs orc ( super bad vs FS ) , very very bad vs elf in small maps or maps with mercs ( if he gets some and makes lots of archers or gets DR as his 1st hero you will probaly lose once you get tier 2 ) , Good vs undead ,because undead mostly techs quick too

First hero choices




*gets countered by darkranger , so dont use it on DR maps



BEST <33
One of the best

*Must lvl 2 until your tier2 , otherwise you are fucked

Mountain king


poor choice * mass dry + expo = gg bro
Very nice
Bad * 33 orc heroes > you at t2 + you wont even be able to creep shitty green camps at t2

Manly Paladin

Worst choice lol ( only thing i imagine you can do with this hero is going some breaker/rifle mix probaly , like getting rifles while teching and creepin some camps with mercs and getting 2nd hero bloodmage and push expo?? , but if your human opponent doseant expand you prob will lose vs panda)
Not really good idea , but maybe with knights or smthg on non-expo map *autolose vs mass expos and aoe hero lame
Gogo rifles with inner fire?

As for Tavern heroes
Anything what can harass , solo creep or be superior at lvl 3 is good

Tip to get lvl 2 easily :

While harassing buy a staff , and teleport to your militia which is creeping/is going to creep( or just creep without hero )

Step 1: Survining rushes
Well its first thing all techers have to learn , because all the noobs or "pros" like to rush us , its not hard to fend off , but the better techer you are the faster you fend off rush without losing anything ( sometimes you can let those towers go up on purpose , make him waste all his resources for those towers while you get masanory upgrade,few more peasant and mort/priest inside your base , like this after you fend off that rush you win 99% )

Mass footies,ghouls,archers,mercs :
Get two more towers + masanory upgrade + 2nd AOE hero or MK ( good thing would be to have an enterance to your base vs mass footies or ghouls )
If he towers you too , just call militia , delay towers , get mort/priest 2nd hero or just pure caster + militia and 2nd hero )

Mass hunts and few glaives + AP's :
This one is tougher! vs hunts and few glaives get few more towers and mort/priest and masanory upgrade or power build smith and baracks and get some footman and rifleman skill your archmage ( if you went AM ) WE , delay towers get Beastmaster 2nd ( quils )

vs some hunts and ALOT ALOT ALOT of glaives
, skill WE(blizz possible if you somehow got lvl 3 , aka mannered crept ) , get some footmen + beastmaster or panda!( only this can fend it off )

mass archer push at t2 with dr/naga , you just need an enterance to your base and 2nd hero ASAP ( aoe rape those archer ) or if you went for riflecater build you can get Panda , or DR 2nd

fiends push with DK ( insert 2nd hero here ) , well vs fiends you should have lvl 2 hero by now for sho ( vs fast fiends dont harass ) same what vs mass archers does work , but MK 2nd or Naga 2nd ( if you went paladin ) and mass breakers fend this off easily too, you even score some kills !

Human tier 2 Mort push , ye sometimes humans get like MK and mortars and push you at tier 2 , for that you should make MK or paladin for yourself ( MK if you going to get breaker/knight and crush him in one direct fight and Paladin if you want to play mortar fight )

destro push , well best thing vs destros is just get 2 workshops and 1 arcane ( few priests will help you creep with your heroes easily ) if you got delayed like hell just spam lotsa copters and make some more towers , it would be really good idea to get 2nd hero cuz after you kill all his destros you will have high levels and dude BLM PALA or AM MK with high levels will completly rape undead army , acos , heroes , but well if you cant micro and you teched pretty quick you may just get some tanks with rocktz ( get tanks vs panda + destro too , otherwise you are doomed )

Extra tip: scout at tier 1 often vs elf so you could see what he is doing , ITS VERY IMPORTANT!

Step 2 : early game

Early game is pretty much the same vs all races , you just run arround while creeping with militia , maybe scoring some kills .
Except orcs! Vs orc your mission 1 with archmage would be to delay his shop with WE's IF POSSIBLE! mission 2 would be to get lvl 2 maybe 2,5 till tier 2 .
If you played bloodmage( banish ) your mission 1 would be to delay his creeping while milicreep till level 2 ( but its not that important as with AM ) thing you can do is banish creeps he is about to kill or banish tanking blademaster if he is taking big camp or anything.

Step 3 : tier 2
This is your time to shine , real warcraft begins! Ussualy from here you make your final decision on what unit mix you will use now and will you go tier 3 , make expansion or push . All of the options are viable!

Safiest would be getting 2 arcane sanctrums and scouting to see what is your opponent doing and from there do your final decision.

Vs Orc
Orc went for 1 beastiary / 1 lodge no towers and no warmill yet = caster push
Orc went for 2 beastiary = make smith and baracks and creep with caster while getting rifles or make smith , research invisibility and take panda as 2nd hero ( yes yes invis lame ! ) and make workshop later
Orc went 2 lodges Oo = mass breaker push + mk ?
Orc went 2 beastiarys / 1 lodge and didnt build almost any grunts = beastmaster push , if you picked bloodmage go expand or bank/push and get some rifles with paladin
Orc 1 beastiary / 1 lodge and towers = go expand
Orc goes tier 3 = expand or push ( Hero expand = panda , push = mk )

*NEWS : vs orc wyver lame its best to get 2nd hero ( BLM or MK ) get some hawks and caster and just finish game , rifles ARE NOT VIABLE vs good lamers

Vs Human
Human went tier 1 expansion = Get tinker 2nd , kill workers , get casters + mortars , push = win ( human have no freakin chance to fend off your push )
Human have lumbermill = probaly he is going for expansion , go creep big camp and get Knights/breakers
Human is teching to tier3 = Tech to tier 3 and go for casters while building blacksmith and baracks ( MK , panda , naga 2nd , take naga only if you have mercs and you want to do little push , pick off footmen or smthg)
Human have 2 arcane sanctrums = go tier 3 get knights/breakers maybe mortars or some mass knights + some priests combo

Vs Elf
If he went for DH , you should have blacksmith and baracks built by now and have like 2 rifles ( most viable strat vs DH is riflecaster ) get mk 2nd
Elf made tier 1 expansion = If DH , do rifle push , win ; If Warden *NEWS : its viable to play mine riflecaster vs any strat night elf can do! , but after you take down expansion you either finish it or go buy healscrolls , cuz bro without them you die
Elf is teching to tier 3 = *NEWS: its not viable to play that mortar+caster strat vs elf , too risky , to low creeping power , so just go for "Zoo keeper" ( Tri-Summon hero mix ) and Knights + morts + priests , bank like crazy man and solo creep with summon heroes ( AM lvl3 , BeM lvl 1 and FL lvl 1 can take red camp on SV alone easily lol )

Elf is massing dryads and other tier 2 stuff = get morts + 1 tower and some 2nd hero , this should be problem

Vs Undead
Undead have only ghouls and teching to tier 3 ( prob destros ) = make smith , go to t3 insta , make 1 workie , scout , if destros get 2nd workie , make coptorz + some priests ( dont forget to scout with copters! )
Undead is heavy on fiends getting getting slaughter hause and 2nd hero BEFORE tech = go creep , prepare for aggression and get mass breakers and MK 2nd!
Undead is teching to tier 3 , but have lots of fiends = Caster/rifle mix + blizzclap )

Step 4 : Creeping

So you may ask yourself , how the hell should i creep at early t2? Everyone will just jack me and kill my priests/sorcs whatever.
Answer is , lots of militia everywhere you go and dust vs orcs
* btw vs orcs you can banish a creep and finish it with your casters magic attack so blademan couldnt kill that creep and get exp!

And just before you have like only first casters just creep green camps and after you got like 6 take lots of mili ( 6-7 ) and creep orange camp!


This stuff is great , especially if you are bloodmage lover! I wont talk alot about it , i better show you replays of it in action!

Manner creep on TM =
Manner creep on SV =

This is just some basics to give you ideas!

So you face a fellow techer , well dont you fear crowjam is here , just do this stuff :


Just take down expos , banish and drain stuff , dont lose units and make your own expos

What if he went for super fast tech with FS?

Skill WE , delay his burrows , power build barax after teching and go delay him more , get beastmaster and delay him even more and more while getting caster ( if you fail at delaying him and he is getting late barax and grunts , just go creep and take bloodmage 2nd or some MK )


Well this aint easy to tell , because it will be an EPIC GAME where you and other player will counter each other 99999times in game ( if both decent ) and there will be 9999999 peasants deaths lmao . But if your opponent is newbie techer you can end the game with this combo really quick :

Just make 2 workshops , 1 arcane and go in kill farms , shop , his altar if possible , maybe you will end game here , but if you dont , dont worry just go make some counter units , kill some more farms or smthg

Step 6 : Cheesy/lolzy strategies

So if you sometimes want to play some crazy shit heres some ideas for you :


Tech with 1 arcane tower and right after you tech make barax and smith , tech to innerfire and only after you got it fight! ( Alchys skills is your choice , i prefer bomb + heal vs und and bomb + rage vs orc ) *Paladin can be used instead if you really want to lol


*ONLY VS FIENDS Really nice vs fiends , cuz tinker > fiends pushes and tinker > fiends camping at base . Just harass acos , make expos and towers



Go for standart 20food tech build , but once you have enough wood for smith and 2 barax , build them , start massing rifles while harassing with quils + BeM and go for a tower rush once you got more rifles!


Mili creep your panda to lvl 3 and harass lots while getting griphins , later make expo and counter copters with tanks + barrage if needed too


ABUSE TO THE MAX , with factory + mass mili and towers near expo you will be able to take expansion no problem and defend any push ( 'cept mass glaives , but vs mass glaives just tech and win in tier 2 lol ) Then just mass towers , copters with bombs , tanks , expos , even more towers and throwin' factories near elf base in like 2hours the night elf player will be finished lol!

I think thats it guys , if theres any questions ask and i will update this guide!

Replays : ,

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