Friday, September 9, 2011

Old school CoNteMpT guide

To those who dont know who CoNteMpT is , he is pretty much a better micro , better strategy version of AKM and version which played in leagues and such with success. ( No offence AKM ) .

Skill level: Medium-Hard
Most important: Harassment , patience
Mentality: Harass like a god , but don't lose units
Build orders:

21tech open base:
  • 5p to gold
  • 1p from hall starts lumbermill , builds altar , makes 2 towers
  • 2p from hall makes farm , scouts after finished
  • 3p from hall goes wood
  • 4p from hall goes lumbermill
  • 5p from hall makes second farm
  • 6p and soon goes wood

Build placement:

Just very open , very stable , opt for late game base.

Early game:
If map is good , creep something , maybe even go a bit faster hero build and creep something bigger to get level 2 instantly. This will allow you to do a little bit better harassment. But pretty much , try to creep as much as you can , use hero/mercs/miltia as much as you can to get level3. At same time don't forget to scout for expos.

Middle game:
If you got level 3 now , buy mana potion and go for some sweet harassment. Attack moonwells, farms, burrows , acolites/ziggurats anything. Just flamestrike everything you see and do that non stop until you get units. If opponent has heroes like Warden or demonhunter or mountain king , its better to go harassing with zeppelin , or just creep slower and harass only once you get invisibility and such. ( creeping slower will make you tech faster, 'thus you will get the invisibility sooner )

  • VS ELF , upgrade swords and go for 1 arcane sanctum and 2 baracks for invisible knights harassment.Once you got your first knight, make him and bloodmage invisible and buy staff of sanctuary and go for harassment. Focus moonwells, once elf comes let him focus your knight and staff him out once he gets low and then staff out yourself with the personal staff. Later do even more harassment , but with more knights. Take down elf expansions with 4 knights and bloodmage + TP.  Keep doing that as you build a counter army with other units. If needed make more towers at homebase. If elf went hunts + expansion, mortar drops or just mort/caster push is alot better. ( invisible knights biggest weakness is huntress with the vision owl upgrade, 1 or 2 hunts wont produce enough of them, but mass hunts will )
  • VS HUMAN , in tier 2 build 2 arcane sanctums and mass some breakers + priests. Use one breaker as a scout, while others + bloodmage go for raids on humans base peasants. While you are harassing use priests + militia + breakers at base to farm some camps for you. Tech tier 3 after 40 + food and prepare to get knights. Upgrade swords for more successful harassment, but get 3 armor upgrades for best big fights. Use zeppelin + shredder or just zeppelin and bloodmage with mana pot as much as possible, it really destroys humans. If human goes gryphons, just get mass copter instantly. It hard counters them + once you kill all of the gryphons, you can upgrade bombs on the copters and help you harass even more. And of course it will allow you to dominate with zeppelin and kill humans base pretty much alone with bloodmage and zeppelin.
  • VS ORC , if wyverns , then just go mass invisible harassment until you got enough copters to kill them all. Then do so and switch to knights/sorcs and proceed to harassing even more. ( copters will reveal all of the orc placed wards, so you can destroy them and continue abusing invisibility ). If standart play , then tech to gryphons while making some sorcs. If orc is making alot of anti-gryphon units , just transfer to sorcs/breaker ( same sword upgrades ) and some knight later on ( to help you kill blade and raiders ).Skill your bloodmage Flamestrike drain Flamestrike banish ( otherwise hero focus will get you ). Banish is very handy vs ORC , same goes for Knights. Knights/caster beat any ground army orc can have , except for taurens. Only problem is kodo hit and runs, but its hard for orc to get alot of kodos really fast, so knight expo is really viable. In short, do sword upgrades, get decent ammount of breakers and casters and help your bloodmage get level 3, use invisibility and harass with bloodmage + gryphons, if orc is investing into countering alot, switch to full ground force with knights, otherwise continue making gryphs.
  • VS UNDEAD , go tier 3 right away + build workshop. Scout with copters arround the map while bloodmage harasses undead. Build paladin 2nd and make knights. Bloodmage + 1 knight + staffs harass undead ziggurts and acos while paladin + other knights farm big camps. At same time have copters patroling and searching for undead, so that your raids would be nice and easy. Later do raids with more knights and insta kill alot of buildings. Use 2 staffs of sanctuary on your champions as well. Vs mass air just get alot of copters and win the game.
Late game:

In the end its ussualy you making an expansion with bigger/better army , because you harassed alot alot alot and lost almost nothing. Or you making a final push on your opponents expo with better heroes. Remember , most important is to harass super good. Use whatever it takes.

(CoNteMpT has bigger army in this game cuz he killed elf expo with cannon towers)

In conclusion:

Creep up your bloodmage to do more effective harassment while getting units capable of harassing ( invisible knights , invisible mortars , invisible gryphons , just knights or air units ) without dying. Harass while countering your opponents army which most likely was made to counter your harassing units.

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