Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paladin vs ELF

At first you may think:
"uh oh , but what about demon hunter and manaburn!?!??!"

But actually from alot of my experiences I can say that DH counters paladin only at tier 1 and early tier 2, but because we are playing tech with towers and such its not a problem at all to survive those periods and if you look at replays of ELF vs HU nowadays you will often see ELF's going heroes like Warden, Kotg and Darkranger , which paladin completely destroys! But afterall ,I recommend using paladin only on maps where theres no zeppelin, because if there is you can just go mort drops and things like that which are even more effective! ( exception would be Terenas Stand, paladin is great on that map ).BUT, in the end, I can add that Paladin first isn't really enjoyable hero to play vs DemonHunter, it would be better to leave a peasant near elfs altar and if its Demonhunter cancel your paladin and get someone else or get a tavern hero, something like alchemist is really good for tier 1 aggression, scouting and tier 2 pushing or power expo vs DH.
(guide about that you can find by going to this link: COMING SOON )

Build order:

21 tech with open base: ( or with one little opening )
  • 5P to gold
  • 1P from hall starts lumbermill , builds altar, builds 2 towers
  • 2P from hall builds farm , scouts
  • 3P from hall goes to wood
  • 4P from hall finishes lumbermill
  • 5P from hall builds farm
  • 6P and so on goes to wood.
Early game:

Pretty much try to creep up a little bit with militia and paladin or paladin alone (turtles on TurtleRock and divineshield), but at same time try to tech as fast as possible and get blacksmith and baracks as soon as possible. Make a couple of rifles and just creep casually, scout Elf potential expo places and if there is an expansion or attempt to make one , make bloodmage
2nd , mountain king or naga , arcane sanctum and produce mass rifles/caster and just push elf and win right there. If elf has mass hunts make rifles/morts and Paladin/Bloodmage(banish). If there is no expansion procceed teching to mass knights and do some harassing with your army once you get level 3 paladin, you shouldnt lose any units because of holylight.

( killed 2 dryads and an archer, and drained all opp's mana , lost nothing )

Middle game:

Just go arround do damage,delay elf until first knights pop up, once they do get expo or so and do some serious harassment with knights, because of strong holylight and staff and maybe even banish and drain , you will pretty much lose 0 knights while killing shitloads of his moonwells, draining alot of his mana and just eating up his mana.Paladin is great for delaying elf while getting that expo up and he is even great vs panda, holylights cooldown is low , so you can fully heal up like 3 knights or rifles before he gets his second bof on you.

( took down elf expo and running away, lost nothing , didnt even need to use tp )

*note that dont take everything litteraly , if you are facing something like mass air or dryads obviously go for workshop units like copter or mortars for support*

Late game:

Could even get 3rd hero and get a staff of sanctuary on every one of them and do some superb harassing with 3hero knights on things like , elfs expos, moonwells and stuff like that.If it transfered into expo game , you can easily do inivisible knights and kill elfs expos while getting your own or do one big, strong army of mort/caster/knight/gryphon or whatever. Really dependant on situation.

By the way , remember to shout : "Justice is served" after you win a battle, this makes your units get +1morale points.

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