Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pressuring UD

This style is pretty effective vs UD on maps such as: SV,TR,AI and pretty much any map which is hard to creep on.

Build order:

18 tech with 1 tower: ( a bit open base is alright )

  • 5P to gold , first to comeback makes Altar, scouts
  • 1P from hall builds farm , later scout tower
  • 2P from hall goes gold
  • 3P from hall builds lumbermill
  • 4P from hall and so on goes wood.

( this is just an example, placement doseant matter that much , but make it secure )

Mentality: Prevent DK from getting level 3 , prevent undead from creeping in general.

Army: Knights/copters 3hero 3 staffs ( do armor upgrades )

Requirement: Very good micro

Early game:

Choose Bloodmage or MountainKing as your first hero and go for some harassment, never lose a trail of DK, he alone can creep orange camps with ease using rod of necromancy, so beware.By the way , alot of undeads like going fast fiends,late hero vs our tech ( it kinda sucks vs long tech , but is very effective vs this strategy ), from this big problem arise, you cant stop DK and alot of fiends from getting level 3 with 1 hero , but neither can you even if you had footman.So pretty much if you see undead going fast fiends , try to power level yourself and once you get your first knights outs do some sick harassment ( kill shop , kill zigs , kill aco and just staff knights out ). Or if the map is very small and shitty, skill level 2 siphon mana at level 3 bloodmage, with it you counter level 3-4 DK very easy, just bolt him and drain , same goes for lich.

Middle game:

By this time you got fully functional knight+3hero army poppin', try to clear or find a cleared expansion spot and expand while putting pressure on undead. If you cant then just wait in the opposite direction from your building expo and then you see with your scout copters that he is leaving his base to fuck your expo up , go in to his main base and destroy whatever you can see.

Late game:

Pretty much hero battles later on.

*note that if undead plays mass banshees , you are better off getting more knights than getting mortars for counter or go
spellbreakers or air or anything other than mortars , from my personal experience*

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