Thursday, September 8, 2011

Old replays

Heres a couple of places to find some good replays :
  • ( surf previous pages for warcraft3 replays )
By the way , if you want to find some old replays with interesting strategies in them search for players like : platoplus-ghost ( or plato-ghost , human player ) , angry_korea_man (human) , contempt or cokacolaconti (human) , crowjam (human) , yarakyo (human)

To watch older replays the best tool to use would probably be ever-craft .

download link :

Dont sweat it if program throws you errors then you try to patch to versions 1.20 or up , it still makes your warcraft 3 1.01 version , so you can just manualy patch your warcraft 3 with any patch you need!

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