Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Secret Valley vs UD

This map is pretty difficult vs undead , mostly because they can either go gargs and take fountains and fuck you up or they can go fiends and take middle shops and fuck you up.But this strategy that I developed long time ago from my huge hate and anger towards Undead , counters both.

Build order: ( the most important thing )

  • 5P to gold
  • 1P from hall altar , later wood
  • 2P from hall farm and later wood
  • 3P and so on goes to wood until 17food is reached ( including hero )

Hero choices:
As first hero either get Mountain king or Paladin. Both are good at defending tier 1 aggression and good at being aggressive vs UND.As second hero its your preference. Solid combo is Paladin+bloodmage or MountainKing+bloodmage or archmage.

Early game:

Just defend your base and run arround with your hero , scout what is your opponent doing , just you know normal tech stuff.But after you start teching (at 17 food) instantly make arcane tower and baracks and some farms, after that blacksmith and second baracks. Once its possible make 3footman and creep fountains.Start making rifles as soon as possible and go harassing with your footman+first hero while your 2nd hero with rifles creeps a couple of other camps (finishes fountain dragons and then unite and creep a middle shop spot or so. Just completely take advantage of your tier 2 superiority.Once thats done, push undead player and do things like kill ghouls, weaken hero , kill shop and then run away and creep something near him so he wouldnt have any creep camps left in the future ( this hurts undeads very bad , especially vs rifles ).

Middle game:

Once you are at 50food or near 50food , make arcane sanctum and make priests/sorcs ,at this time undead should be making abominations already. Or if you are not into rifle/casters you can go earlier tech to tier 3 and get mass gryphons+rifles, thats very fragile with 17tech tho' , because you dont have much wood , so invest a bit of gold into peasants.This will probably be a suicide if you didnt mess Undead player really good at tier 2, but if you did, this is probably a game winner. So if you went for rifle/casters , just set up an expansion and keep controlling the map, do bolt or holy light harassment on acolytes with staff and things like that.

( use clap to disable all the incoming ghouls )

Late game:

Its pretty bad that game went so far , it only does if you didnt keep that map control real good or undead player is camping like a faggot. Just smoke him out or try to get this into expo game, make more wood peasants and mass towers on ramps of red expansion spots and things like that.

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