Friday, September 9, 2011

Some tips on becoming a better player

  • 4 knights with 2 attack upgrades and lvl 3 bloodmage take down elf expansion very fast , and its most likely that you wont lose a single knight!
  • 6 knights with 3 attack upgrades and lvl 3 bloodmage will kill elf tier 3 with 80% chance
  • You cant fight elf army with 50< food , gotta lame elfs in every way possible. ( unless you are riflecasting )
  • Most of the warcraft 3 players are very impatient , especially when you are invisible harassing them. Remember this, even if he was winning whole game it doseant count in the end.
  • Everything has advantage and disadvantage. Demon hunter may own you in ground fights , but you may own him in aerial/mortar drop fights. Same goes for pitlord , he may own your mortar drops , but you may own him in direct little food battles.
  • Never give up! Its very rare for everything to go as planned , thats why its fun. And its good training to do a big comeback.
  • Dont restrict yourself to one hero only , do various mixes and such.
  • Even if your opponent spots your towers it still takes time to destroy them , use that to creep or harass. In anyway you get big advantage.
  • Try to think clear. Understand what you must do to win. You need to take that expansion? You cant because his army is stronger? Buy yourself some time with going for all army harass on his base and instantly TP'ing while towering that expansion.
  • Its never to late to counter. Dont stick with one unit mix to the end even if it seems that counter units wont come in time.
  • Upgrades are very important in long run.
  • If you manualy order your peasant to return resources and after he returned to mine those resources again
    (clicking on gold mine with harverst command) , peasants will gather resources faster.
  • If your own unit attacks your own units , creeps will stop attacking that unit.( this is useful with militia )

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