Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Things to have: ( super important )

  • Customkeys ( make your own for maximum potential, use WARKEYS )
  • Normal PC set up, comfortable chair , normal height desk, normal mouse and keybord
  • No distractions
Minimum Requirements : Be able to defeat computer(insane) Undead without any abuse (towerrushes are abuse).
If you cant then go try again until you can, watch replay where you lose and try to think off of a strategy.Personally when I started, I mass played vs insane until I defeated all of the races. Took me 1 week after starting if I recall correctly.

Build order+Build placement: ( VIDEO )

Stage 1: ( your hero comes out )


Immediatly go to your enemies base for some extra scouting.


Because your opponent might be going for fast tech, fast expo, he might have weak peasants or units which you can kill so try to look for ways to deal some serious damage to your opp. + Because you are teching he might go into mass siege units or just mass units really fast which must be scouted to counter properly.


If your opponent is playing passive ( creeping+teching ) , go do the same.Your tech is probably faster so you get advantage in creep+tech game. If your opponent is expanding ( taking another base ), try to delay him as much as you can and attack him when he engages with gold mine creeps. If your opponent is going all aggressive on you , just run home and defend or if he isnt massing or just cant penetrate your defences ( towers ) you can try going to his base and do some damage to him while he is trying ( but cant ) do damage to you!.

Stage 2: ( you reached tier2 )

If your opponent is ELF, build 2 arcane sanctums and 1 workshop. Make copter (workshop) and scout elfs base and potential expansion places, act according to situation. ( he is expanding, make big army 60food¬ and then push his expansion ,if he is teching to tier 3 for some bears, get invisibility upgrade on your sorcerress and make about 6-8mortars and harass elfs base)
*note that , if elf stays tier 2 he will probably expo, but if he doseant he cant really do much to your base nor' your army if you just mass mortars/casters , unless air , but vs air you can easily transfer to sorcerress+copter or tanks with barrage!

If your opponent is HUMAN, build 2 arcane sanctums, 1 barack and tech to tier3.Get mass spellbreakers+knights and do hit and runs on your opponents base.If he is trying to expand, get a big army ( 60+food ) and attack his expansion or main (smart would be to attack place with less towers). Note that Bloodmage+Panda absolutely rapes all human ground army. ( excluding
breakers ).

If your opponent is ORC, build 3 arcane sanctums and go to tier3 , mass some damn sorcs and priests + get a second hero for yourself, someone with a pretty good AoE would be good ( Pitlord, Archmage, Panda , Mountainking with clap ) Then just seriously mass casters , get upgrades for them ( very important , upgrades for caster give more mana and health for them ).And go for invisible harassment with your heroes and maybe take invisible sorcs with you too , they focus burrows real good. If ORC went for mass wind riders or so , or an expansion , its pretty much easy victory for you unless he is grubby.Just do non stop invisible harassment on his bases and try not to lose your units and heroes , just make some extra towers at homebase and go for mass copters with flak cannons , then just inner fire them and find orcs air army and kill them all in like 3seconds.
*Note that if he is making bats , its really a myth that bats>copter, just split your copters which is pretty easy or go all in force attack on him and polymorph ( sorcs spell ) all his bats before engaging with copter. Really super easy bro.If no air units from orc and just standart stuff , just do invis harass regulary and creep up. Once you have a nice army and feel like you can expand , do so and tower it up pretty good ( like 5 tower ) or go for a tower rush.After expo vs ORC get Knights and gryphons to addition of your casters and maybe some mortarts too.

If your opponent is UNDEAD, If you have level 3 on your bloodmage once tier 2 starts, get pitlord or panda and run into undeads base and flamestrike+Fire his ziggurats or buildings in general. Ziggurats drop SUPER FAST and if you get like 3 zigs you will pretty much win the game. Otherwise, get level 3 on your bloodmage with casters. Build 2 arcane sanctums and 1 work-
shop and tech tier 3. Use copter from workshop to scout what undead is doing and leave one copter on your army too in case of a shade.Just try to level up as quick as possible while scouting undead, if he expanded in tier 1 , expand with like 6 sorcs and 2 priests yourself and take 2nd hero panda or pitlord. Theres nothing undead will be able to do to you for a while so just mass level and go invisible harassment or just harassment with aoe regulary.Undeads weakness is Acolites and ziggurats so abuse it , because everybody do this, elfs abuse ancient of war creeping , their imba heroes and stuff like that. Your dream army should consist of mostly breaker and some caster and if air from UD , copters and/or tanks with barrage.

Thats pretty much it, very basic tactics for newbies with Bloodmage. Should start of from these + note that I didnt include SUPER DETAILS, just when you are playing you will hopefully understand them yourself. These CAN make you ultimate progamer, but its not very likely.


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