Sunday, October 2, 2011

New crow's order

Its impossible to create something ASTONISHING just like that out from nowhere, even in the end when it seems that you made a flawless strategy , flaws are found , there is no special shit, thats why gotta use no special thinking in game, think simple and scout super often, be like water really.

Bloodmage first vs all. Harassing in tier 1 is pretty much pointless, go critter creep + militia creep a bit. Skill flamestrike drain banish or flamestrike drain drain or similar.

VS HUMAN mass breakers vs Anything, best unit , best mobility , best scouting ,best harassing unit.

VS ORC mass rifles vs Anything, best unit for instant map control and expo or swift push.

VS UNDEAD mass rifles vs Anything, good for creeping and expanding really fast.

VS ELF fortress expo or copter island expo ALL THE TIME, just take MORE EXPOS than elf does!

Ussualy play BLM Paladin. Most solid choice.

And note that, after expoing tower your expo up and scout for opponents moves to try to take his expo , if he does go full aggro on him, otherwise abuse and take more expos.

Gotta make your move really fast otherwise you risk being cheesed

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