Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some more STRATEGY thoughts

Been laddering quite a bit past few days, tried playing Bloodmage first strats all the time instead of those archmage first strats which seemed quite effective too. In the end i can say:

VS ORC on EI if orc is going for normal orc build order + shop and you went 21 tech and 2 rax and rifles after tech, you can expand once your paladin is out in tier 2 with no tower ( if orc pressures you call some militia from main base and just mine wood later on at your expo ) + instead of this you can just abuse your militia power cuz of late tech , like have 2 groups of militia of 5 and just take 5 to creep something while those going back call another group and creep safely like this, but remember to buy dust and banish blademaster before killing big creeps.

on SV gotta go fuken 18tech , because orcs dont go normal shop tech on it ussualy, thus giving them a bit faster hero and a bit more units and weakening your tier 2 control in the middle of a map ( good pro orcs creep big camps lightning fast , even going 19 tech may bring you lose )

on TM play 21 tech to rifles, but i am not sure about this, should probably try critter creeping with bloodmage while tech and bit militia creep so you would get lvl3 bloodmage ( but you will have flamestrike like this not banish, but could skill like banish flame drain or so ) in any case i once said myself , try playing bloodmage paladin rifles vs orc on ALL MAPS VS EVERYTHING , but later after creeping and taking map control abit just adapt to orc ( take expo , tech , add in gryphons? or anything really, could maybe like make rifle upgrades on armor and later just transfer to gryphons after exe , should be able to hold exe with banish heal until tower go up fairly easily, only problem is siege units , but because you skill flamestrike banish drain or could leave 1 skill point free at level 3 and adapt from there, actually this is genius idea , writing blog is super useful lol )

Actually forget what I wrote about SV ( it was from my experience vs xelsing, his tech was faster a bit , i forgot a farm my paladin was later , so he managed to take a bit more map control ). If you go rifles and 21 tech , you can critter creep and miltiia creep to about 2,5LVL BLM VERY EASY and in tier 2 get paladin and go creep your expo spot ( yes dont take map control like super hero in middle , playing by orc rules is cool , but not as effective i can say ) , could when creep fountain or just defend expo , or if you have flamestrike skilled you can flamestrike trees to shop creeps and creep them or buy items and stuff or like creepjack lol! , biggest challange will be creeping after you expo, but banish counters ensnare so its alot safier to creep arround, should probably creep red real fast , because orc wont expect that or be expoing himself at that moment or creeping red camp. ( this is really how pro gamers always think, they see something then they do the most favourable thing, like oh he expoed , ill go fucking creep whatever i want and expo ( ussualy camps arround your expo ), oh i am losing , i go creep biggest camp or somewhere where i can get exp tome ir nice item or whatever to help me win! )

on TR 21 tech i think is always the best choice , alot more flexibile , allows you to critter creep and ofc more wood, this allowing you to tower up all middle in tier 2 with your rifle power and take any expos you want lol! And then ofc go into late game! Late game is amazing for bloodmage.

VS ELF on EI just do fortress expo style of thing too, make a tower line to your expo spot or something like this and later proceed into mass abuse units and abuse the elf, but dont break 50 or anything , cuz on EI its gonna be a long game. Note that Darkranger is really good in this type of play because of the CHARM abuse he can do after shes 6, so beware young bloodmage )

on zeppelin maps Drops of course , on TR still fortress expo, BY THE WAY, when fortress expoing I think its better with 2 arcane sanctums only and more tower, add mortars only when expo is safe and clear or maybe even 2 expos or whatever. Really need that solid force of spellbreakers and upgraded mass casters to set it up smoothly + its not like they are going to go to waste later on , theres always need for casters with any kind of army set up. And look , only counter to casters is dryads or any similar units in tier 2, towers counter that , any other shit is coutnered by breakers and slow in tier 2!.

on SV vs elf hmmmmmmm.......... well its always possible doing cheesy expo by planting towers behind the expo with flamestrike or whatever. Should be able to take tier 2 expo with MASS militia and rifles or footman if you made like 4-5 of footies or like 2-3 rifles before going to expo. Banish could probably be handy. OH WAIT , you can critter creep both natural expo spots! I mean ofc you will probably get jacked or whatever , but this will make elf creep it for you then rofl , and you can plant towers then there with ease. Btw just had this idea, for extra backup for your expo could flamestrike or just chop the trees near green gnolls near your base, could plant some towers there too to back you up later on. After expo is set up I think the best would be to like mass an army INSTANTLY and attack elfs expo while towering red camp or whatever , so you could secure one more expo and then start abusing or so. Tho' its not really easy abusing on SV. Could like attack elf with alot of shit and take healscrolls or anything and while doing this tower all middle near tavern ( like this you secure both shops for healscrolls too ) and then just heal up your shit and TP once your towers half upped or so. Could give huge advantage towards elf + even if elf knows you might do this, you might not and go all in push in first time, in situation like this elf just gambles , very stressful!

VS HUMAN Well mostly humans tryed attacking me in early and canceling towers, but I just skilled banish and banished water elementals , easy defence and later on just knights breakers non stop aggression , counter expo , drops and just drain mana from MK and shit. Banish is very useful actually , can banish+abolish magic ( from troll priest ) kill water elemental from 1 abolish if water elemental is hit 1 time by bloodmage before that. Can banish early gripphons , mortars with shards, water elementals , banish+pheonix focus heroes and shit, really good!

Btw when fortress expoing vs Humans , get alot of priests with dispel first if its vs AM, really human cant put any pressure on you without water ellies and go dual arcane sanctums firstly too!. BTW when facing gryphons + knights and shit like that, i tried making 3 rax and rifles knights priests breaker and it worked really good. BTW ironicaly when you are playing Bloodmage first you cant really rush in like mad all the time and slay everything ( BURNING TO AVENGE ) , if theres an option always chose to chill and expo one more time and bank.

VS UNDEAD on EI , I am not sure about this yet, you kinda need expo , but can live without it too. It seems that going rifles after tech is really good cuz you can just creep up and if theres surprise gargs or some shit you defend it easy or if theres expo attempt from UD you can coutner expo or push and win real fast. OH WAIT, look if you just get rifles after tech ALWAYS VS UD , but like from 1 rax lets say ( something undeads do too lol ) , you can just get lvl 3 bloodmage real fast , if UD is taking expo you can mess him up , if he tries to mass creep you can do the same and once you have lvl 3 BLM you just go flamestrike harass while your other hero power levels. Well actually NO, I think just go 2 rax after tech rifles and power level like mad and take expo in tier 2, and just secure it and chill , maybe even tower it up and get your 2nd hero ( PALADIN PREFERABLY ) lvl 3 real fast and then just non stop abuse with those 2 heroes while banking and shit.

on SV, should go mass rifles too, just clear those fountains, but I think go 18 tech AND SCOUT and bloodmage first paladin 2nd or so, Undeads play alot of random shit on SV like dual crypt pandas and stuff to counter MK expos! , sure its possible to defend with 17tech or so , but its not good anyway, cuz if he is not retarded he will take expo after all inning into your worker. So yea just get those levels , do some harassment and take expo while keeping the control, shouldnt be that hard with paladin healing shit, could probably get expo with towers and proceed into mass abuse with heroes really. ( its always on small maps like this )

Other maps, can try mass rifles stuff , but lets say its TM , can easily go mass copter island expo + mort drops and stuff like that , this is really good shit. Same goes for TS and other labaratory maps, drops are universal!.

on TR, well this is tricky, if its close spawn could try mort push with towers and stuff , ye that should work really good , VS any race really, except mb orc( HERO FOCUS TT ). Other than that if you give up map control Undead is going to creep red camps = you are fucked. And cant really mirror undead , because undeads base is better and undeads army is faster and undead can heal better + better army synergy in general. WWELL always can play that old strategy of mine where you go non stop harass on DK with BLM later MK PALADIN and knights copter. OH WAIT I just remembered that you can build towers at the bottom of land near red camp at the right side and i think on the left you can too but not sure, can just build tower out there while non stop pressure on undead with 21 tech or so and then just expand once breakers or rifles out. Or even better could do non stop pressure while building towers in the middle of a map a bit hidden maybe , or like flamestrike some trees while going to undead to harass and place towers there , hidden to help you expo in tier 2. Or its probably possible to just go mass rifles with 21 tech and in tier 2 take expo and tower it up and tower your main up while creeping arround fairly safe, and once 3 3 heroes or so just go abuse non stop and mb take more expos and just standart expo play vs UD in which you have some advantage.

BTW if map is MV its pretty much the same situation other then the fact that if you go archmage first you can creep orange camps with 1 troll priest healing you WITH ONE ARCHMAGE AND BLIZZARD very easily, vs ud is pretty much like playing vs Human, gotta abuse really otherwise its very difficult and you are just too easy to defeat. Oh wait i remembered that MV has zeppelin , so just do drops lol. May expo while dropping too. And just general air units play.

Note that should scout undeads quite a bit in tier1 tier 1,5 , cuz if its gargs masse dont go drops and start massing damn rifles yo. And just creep up as fast as you can, gargs creep not as fast as fiends. Note that undead after seeing rifles masse will probably go tier 3 and get some aboms or just frenzy ghouls so could try going gryphons! Rifle gryphon vs garg ghoul or abom , this will be like undead mirror , but you have staff and mana drain and holylight which allows you to abuse his gold line real good and just play arround with his heroes real good before fighting lol.

In any case dont take my words as its 100% certain shit for UNDEAD MATCHUP , i feel not very confident about it , havent played vs any normal undeads in LONG LONG TIME

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