Friday, December 30, 2011

Practice and training and blalbalblalbal

I've always tried to understand practice as a thing, should I do it? If I do how much? What if I totaly dont enjoy doing it should I force myself? Should I only train if I want to and enjoy to? Should I rather spend more time living balanced life and training only a little bit before matches? Like just plain warm up?

I mean technicaly if you think about it , if you come to clanwar feeling good , trusting in your own skills ( without practice ) and just having basic micro and everything , you can win anyone, you can think of any counter in game if needed, adapt to anything... aslong as your brains work good and your hands are atleast at speed of minimum requirements (being able to do what you think of doing) , but at same time If you spent more time training, your hands will move faster, but really thats not the point, one thing which I am absolutely sure is :

My micro and multitasking is at same speed as progamers you see on streams and shit ( in top shape I mean and no lag,but same goes to them ) But its not the speed what makes their micro better than mine in most situations, you see my micro mostly shines with mass rifles and harassing ( cuz thats what I ussualy do ) , but in situations like expo defence and creeping with footies/miltia while you are being harassed is really not my thing , I mean sure I do think of few things and do not bad moves, but they clearly they have more experience in all of those things and know what works the best in that situation, to me it may seem , oh this is good for now, but after 30seconds it will back fire, cuz sequence of moves which followed turned out to fuck me up and this couldav only been forseen if I spent some time thinking about it or knew what will come at me or had genious brain and thought of it in a mili second. From this it seems that you either play hardcorely massively so that you would know most of the possibilities coming at you and know how to react to them ( no point in trying to achieve this,unless you want to succeed only in wc3, takes just sick ammount of energy ) or you stop being a bitch and make situations yourself, force situations on your opponent, make them play your rules or accept their rules only if you are comfortable with them. For example I am extremely uncomfortable in counter-expo play in human mirror, I just plainly feel lost and scared all the time, I have no idea whats coming, I dont feel timings, I try to scout all the time , but at same time I have to keep track of his army size, and levels and creep myself fast and safe, theres just too much for me, while opponent just plays with his dick and creeps arround, thats because I forced myself into this situation. Easiest way to force yourself out is to just pressure the opponent, really hard! Thats why you may notice that all those new tactics I write down are mostly simple army combinations + take map control. Its easiest way of playing really, you dont need to know many things about the game or have many experiences, when you are in control of the game you clearly see opponents actions everything is easier. Any imba thing opponent can do , you can counter immediatly if you see, which you do if you keep the control well, and if you try to keep the control vs all races , you learn to do it really quickly. While if you play expos or lame, game varies just too much, opponent may go dual expo, single expo, fast tech, ultra fast tech, all in, island expo, mass lame, map control, late push while expoing, hidden aviaries, hidden expos and fucking similar bullshit, its really hard to scout when you dont play in the map , but do things like expansion or preparing to lame ( aka being a bitch ) , just think history , what do bitches do? Ninjas, assasins and such? They use fucking poison, or attack while opponent is unprepared, but whenever the opponent was prepared they ussualy get served easy, unless the ninja or assassin is really hard trained and knows how to fight head on, but in this case he must be much better warrior in first place, cuz he must have 2 styles at higher level. Now think of last Sky game vs ELF ( or any other expo Hu fag ) , he took expo and tried to be sly, never face head on , cuz obviously he is weaker after expo, he tries to get thru to various places somehow , unseen, and get advantage out of that. Sure theres almost unlimited possibilites of things you can cheese, but most of them are so easy to predict and if you use something like 1 air unit to scout arround , all your cheese will fail. But you see its not only me thinking about straight fighting all the time nowadays, its even seen in recent human replays, pro humans try to reclaim the map control after expanding alot sooner, they are getting tired of being bitches too. Really when you start growing as a player , the more and more you will want to face your opponent head on, with your skills, which is map control and micro ( micro is actually ALOT MORE brains than macro, cuz its real time, its fast , quick decisions, both players trying to overcome eachother with better moves , really exciting ). Anyhow in the end it all comes down to one thing. Practice isnt important, all you need is micro, fresh head, feel the game and zero fear. But this is exactly the same in ALL things in life, all you need is basic training, feeling the subject and just fresh head ( it comes from balanced life ) , and just use your skills, the more you will rely on your skills the faster and bigger they will grow, the more you rely on strategy, the weaker you will be. Whatever I forgot what was my point in the beggining of article, but I hope it was some use to you

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  1. Really good article, and a lit of this is very true.. Massing games will do nothing to improve your skill, as you said... Having a balanced life and confidence is the most important.. Why? Did you ever take a break and then come back to wc3 from inactivity and notice your right where u were when u left after a few games of warmup.. It's because your healthy and your mind is fresh and ripe, also another thing to mention is how important excercise and nutrition are.. Your mind needs proper fuel to function the way u want.. Thanks for this post