Friday, December 30, 2011

Some tactics


casters tier 2 expo
casters tier 2 mass creep and bank + invis harass or something
rifles tier 2 map control and hit and runs on burrow and maybe expo
tier 1 tower rush
tier 2 tower rush footies
tier 2 tower rush casters footies
fast tier 1 expo


rifle caster map control , expo and tt tt tt
fast tier 1 expo
tier 2 expo footies 2 hero
island expo mass hawks
fortress expo
bloodmage or tinker lame ( invis morts + invis knights + drops + mass hawks + mass tanks )
rifles casters island expo


rifles mass creep and mass harass , defencive + gryphons or something later or expo
rifle caster map control and expo or gryphs or bank or so
fast tier 1 expo


bloodmage lame ( knights breakers hit and runs , drops, mass breakers hit and runs )
tier 2 casters expo ( 18 tech )
rifle caster ( AM DR )
mass breaker ( AM + 2nd hero )

If anyone wants detailed instructions of any strat, post comment or something

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