Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The ultimate guide

The ultimate guide is no guide at all, freestyle to the max, but at same time practice hard to have the minimum requirement for freestyling ( micro and solidity )

in any case heres update on few strats:

Bloodmage paladin mass rifles into gryphons , few tower in base , defencive base ( rifles used for mass creeping and defence , heroes for laming and defence , use flamestrike )

riflecaster everygame ,everymap, mass creep/expo/push options , on TM can go island expo once 50food or so, riflecaster enables you to play freely, can lame too, and use riflecaster for defence , same way as vs UD

bloodmage paladin mass rifles , use rifles to creep and to harass burrow, defencive base , use rifles for defence and raids and creeping, possibility to expo while fighting ( expo with tower ), most importantly dont lose shit and upgrades, orc cant split his army well so abuse that and abuse the fact that your rifles cant be killed quick and can fight for LONG LONG TIME

VS HU ( freestyle alot )

but something like , counter expos with upgraded units either in tier 2 or tier 3 with knights + dropps with zeppelins, upgraded armor is super sick vs footies , use this

could play beastmaster first and harass with quils and maybe use mercs too, tier 2 expo with casters is alright , but never RUSH , be chilled, dont rush with counter expo , you need to have good macro balance to be able to adapt to quick mass of gryphon or caster or knight mort swiftly

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