Sunday, January 22, 2012

Going inactive ( in wc3 )

Alright this time for reals, I wont play wc3 esports anymore at all, maybe some cgs ,but unlikely. I am too bored of this game , not because of the game itself , but because of the community ( more like lack of it ) and lack of competition, I may switch to sc2 once I have better computer, but that will take time. Still if anyone need tips just comment and Ill answer asap


  1. :(

    me too

    bye war3, the best game i had played.

  2. Hey Crowjam, why do you think the community has gotten worse---where are the people now? SC2? Could you elaborate as to the state of the community currently as you see it, and could anything be done to help it or is it hopeless now?

    1. Community is pretty much the same as any other game really, its just lower in number. Biggest problem in all esport games is fanboys, theres nothing more I hate than full room of observers who fear to play. All fanboys do is play like a game a day and chat and discuss a state of a game and share popular oppinions ( pretty much words of progamers or known people or idols or whatever instead of stuff they thought up themselfs ) instead of actually playing the game and actually learning about it, no matter what game, there are tons of people like this, misjudging everything , thinking pro gamers are gods while actually its not that hard to become as skilled as them, it just requires correct mindset which you make up after alot of playing/life experience. Funny thing is that this is not only in esports , but in life in general. All that popular music movies and whatever bullshit. Like really , it would be so great if all those people would just play the game and join us, players, and share the great experience and make it even better.