Sunday, January 22, 2012

grubby's stream
he is streaming 2v2 with cassandra

Reminded me of times I AT'ed with my best friend, he has 30 apm and zero wc3 experience , still we won vs good opps heh

Anyway I think I wont quit wc3 completely, its just too good and writing my last post of strats inspired me to play some more


  1. One thing I was wondering is what do you lose to and how are you most likely to lose? Like in the last 10 recent losses what went wrong? I think I learn from these

    1. I ussualy lose when I think that I am losing and lose my focus for a while, like I try to harass my opponent I do and It succeeds really well ,but he still has units and alot of them , sometimes you just think that he banked too much or he rebuilt really well and he is absolutely alright at that time, but if you check the replay after the game I see that he had like 50gold 28 wood and just went all in into units and if I just chilled and harassed I wouldav won easily. Another case would be just not feeling the game well, missclicking and such, hands just feel loose for whatever reasons and head is totaly turned off, normaly when I am warmed up and in top shape I scout extremely often and know whats going on at all times even if I dont scout , thus being able to make best decisions on given information, but if you dont have information its luck based if you win or lose. But really its ussualy the first thing I said, harassing is just one of many things why your opponent may seem invincible, but really gotta train to be fearless, but with reason and dont push too much

    2. One other reason I lost many games in the past was trying too hard, I tried putting non stop aggression at all times after getting my first knights and such, knights splitted up running killing moonwells, microing them good, but that didnt do ANY REAL DAMAGE, sure it put some pressure on , but it didnt KILL HARD as the all in push would, so elfs would just hold off my aggression with A move even if I microed in 4 places at once ( defending is just alot easier, especially if you have dryads vs knights lol ) and would just bank up alot of gold, if I stopped my harass even for 30 seconds elf would get enormous advantage , atleast it seemed to me so back then while in reality if I went one army block attack after some harassing I wouldav won. Thats the same problem really, I was thinking elf are imba and invincible, if you think so about your opponent you can hardly win, cant judge your opponents state if you think so and judging your opponents state is really important

  2. what realm is the best to play on right now?

  3. if you have good ping to northrend ladder,play there, otherwise just do what I do, switch arround from azeroth to north and play cgs, you may get banned if you seem to noob tho', so polish your skills a bit before going into pro cgs