Sunday, January 22, 2012

List of strats I use nowadays


1. archmage footies opening , no miltia creep ,very fast tech, never engage until tier 2, just creep slowly @ t2 casters and adapt or firelord push and similar, very flexibile.

2. on twisted meadows, fast altar archmage footies ( standart ) , creep lab and then non stop aggression on orc while teching to casters. Not harass , but full force aggression, creep with militia while teching to level 3.

3. bloodmage paladin mass rifles , footies opening and swift tech or slow tech build. In any case creep in tier 2 and adapt, try to pick off burrows and be somewhat defencive. Orc cant really defeat you if you have normal heroes and 50food rifles + miltia in your base .

4. standart human opening with archmage and militia or no miltia creep, tech at arround 28 food and just creep arround safely, in tier 2 either expo or tower rush with first sorc and priest.

5. fast altar archmage no baracks tech, harass with either blizzard or WE ( cancel shop of orcs) , after tech build rax and produce footies, in tier 2 push,expo or creep arround safely and tech tier 3.

6. fast baracks and insta tower rush with beastmaster,firelord or whatever. Tech to gryphons after towers up or to mass defended footies ( wait until huge number before going in ) or similar.


1. archmage footies opening, no militia creep, very fast tech, never engage until tier2, unless its absolutely neccessery and is near your base, get riflecaster quickly and take map control, bank at 50 food and break when elf isnt expecting you to do so. Use sorcs invis to help you not lose units and pick off elfs units.

2. archmage footies opening, miltiia or no militia creep, tech at arround 28 food, get arcane tower at main and just creep arround and do some harassing on wisps , get naga 2nd and kill some archers if possible ( can pull militia to elfs base and tp later ) , take map control and then push or fake a push and bank 50 while preparing to break any time and crush the elf. Same as above really , but is more flexibile and can expo with this better, better on big maps.

3. fast baracks (power built) tavern hero power push on elf instantly , use naga, dark ranger, beastmaster or similar heroes, can fake this push and tech tier 2, in tier 2 can do a real push or expo or get riflecaster and play as above mentioned riflecasters.

4. bloodmage 18 tech into invisible mortars or invisible knights, mass lame and abuse while banking.
morts vs t1 expo , knights vs t2 or no expo. ( open base ) Use your natural human units more than anything else.

5. bloodmage 21-24 tech, invisible mortars or knights or island expo or drops, mass lame and abuse while banking. Use bloodmage to harass alone alot more, and use things like labaratory alot more to support him.


1. 17-18 tech paladin, bloodmage , archmage , mk first into mass rifles or riflecaster and map control + tier 2 expo and/or tech to t3 gryphons. Good on small maps

2. bloodmage footies opening with arcane tower 26 food tech, harass instantly , and creep with militia while harassing, get mass rifles + paladin 2nd, bloodmage lvl 3 goes harassing acos+zigs while paladin creeps lvl 3, tech to gryphons or any other counter units and play defencively until you get counter army, use your open base to defend really good. Undead cant siege you for shit if you camp with paladin and rifles + few tower in an open base.


1. archmage or bloodmage fast altar 18 tech, go insta harass and tech, can get baracks after tech and do a push on humans expo or set up expo yourself with footies 2 hero and priests. Or can tech tier 3 knights and do one huge push on humans expo. Good on small maps

2. beastmaster harass with quils with either 18 or 21 tech, tech to knights with mass summon heroes ( BeM FL Tinker ) or to gryphon and push or go into beastmaster solo and hit and runs with breakers and summons or hit and runs with knights or counter expo. Pretty much , just counter. Logicaly should counter as soon as possible so if expo is late in the game and you have a possibility for knights you do knights , if its really early and you have nothing then just counter expand. Good on small maps

3. fast altar bloodmage 21 tech, harass and creep at same time, tech to knights casters and do drops, make secure base and just harass harass and harass, counter expo once you have very solid fighting force of knight casters. Vs gryphons go mass copters and procceed into mass bombs harass. Can easily kill town halls with knights and blm. Dont panic if it seems that you are losing , as long as you have 50 food and secure base you are even with opponent , even if he has 70~ food and an expo.

And always remember, zeppelin drops are extremely op vs human.

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