Wednesday, January 25, 2012


had free time so thought about stuff and came to this

21tech vs all , critter creep and such, dont overmilitia creep,need insta t3 in most cases

vs hu

vs expo all in kill hall and shit (suicide like a brave man,later readapt ofc), vs if its impossible to do that just expand, if its impossible means u fucked up early game or he went all in defence with tower and shit , meaning u expo ez

vs no expo just raid and play normaly , hit and runs,bank,expo etc.

vs ud

rifles + gryphon or other counter unit and lame with blm+pala, camp,bank, creep

vs orc

rifles + armor upgrades and expo while fighting w/tower ofc, hit and runs on burrows and tp and/or tech to t3 army of knights or morts

bloodmage skilled with flame banish drain

vs elf

vs expo
tech to upgraded morts or upgraded knights and do some lame, zeppelins if possible too

vs no expo
get armor upped knights and tower up expo while fighting

fight only 50> food battles too, otherwise ez crushed u get to be

knights/casters mix obviously ,but have aviary at all times, obviously u wont have any map control, but thats not a problem, cuz of teleports and invis

everything seems old, but its slightly different, main thing which kept me away from old tech opening was opponents mass creeping , but after thinking for a while I understood that it doseant matter , just whatever, sure they can creep lvl 4 or so, but thats not important, it doseant effect my harassment possibilities and only slightly affects my fighting head on chances, but its not like that is a number one priority with these strats anyway

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