Monday, June 25, 2012

Wise words

The flaw with words is that they always make us feel
enlightened, but when we turn around to face the world they always
fail us and we end up facing the world as we always have, without
enlightenment. For this reason, a warrior seeks to act rather than
to talk, and to this effect, he gets a new description of the
world—a new description where talking is not that important, and
where new acts have new reflections.

From old post "warrior quotes" ; good stuff... Shouldnt talk about strategy much, should go and test it right away

Replay pack # 1

About 100+ really shitty replays.........

uhhhhhhhhhhhh need a break.......... I sure am normal/casual retarded person, gotta fix that

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still updating the CREEPING section;
Others will come afterwards. Hard decisions in life currently, either go play and improve my skill or write what I know + think at same time if it's really true or false so that you guys could improve : (((((((((
Fucked something up too, now it's hard time uploading pictures to this blog



    px ant pacio blm,svarbiausia max wood surinkt, reikia zjbs placement rinkt wood

become the PITLORD?

ivairius styles surasyt, bet pitlord my main

taking down elf main, 2 0 footies mb?

fast hero fast rifles ar tav hero/later + fast rifles
build: 3 gold 2 wood iskarto, pirmas is halo altar , antras farm ir tada wood stato rax ir smith
( modify gal + test )

18 tech ir expo su t3 armija, be upgreidu be nieko,tiesiog asap didele mase ir tower up expa.

Naudot banish ar pns, veliau retrain ofc asap. Hawkai knightai master priestai , knightai mortai

priestai, sorcos knightai, gryphonai mortai casteriai ar pns

Specialised t1 expo, su paruostais toweriais prie pat expo ir fortress placement ar pns

++paslepti towers po expo ar pushinant, pradeginant medzius ar pns

naga mk dual rax mass rifles ir tier 2 expo arba t3 tech ir control

naga pressure su fast rax bo ir mass morts towers rush t2 ( ar paslepti towers t1 late tr )
( ar koks expo )

paladin DR vs ghoulus , visokie ivairus hero mixes + rifles vs ud

rifles vs elfus daugiau, is nagos i mass rifles . Fast buildint altara po barako irgi, kad greitesni

paladin ar pns gaut jai nera DH ar kokio kito shit hero

vs hu banish delayinimas ant pirmo creepinimo visai zjbs yra, uzdelayini apie 20-30sec ir gali

tier 2 su alchy ir blm pick off footies ir gal net cancel AM lvl 3, lb gerai!

ir ant rimto upgreidu reikia ant knightu veliau, per nelyg silpni buna be ups

Vs ud, standart human opening ir norm tech i greitus riflus ir Paladin first arba 17 tech ar pns,

nesvaru bendrai, veliau DR arba Naga is tavernos ir map controle su mase riflu , dmg vien tik

kelt, bendrai splitini ir hero focusini lich ir pns. Jai DR tai reikia burst fire dmg , tai reik MK 3rd

ar pns, jai naga tai gal MK irgi? Hard focus ir ispradziu knightu reikia idet, jie geri ant split. VS

ghoulus cia. Vs fiendus biski kitaip lost, bet vs ud mazdaug map controle imi ir palaikai, neleisti

redus creepint ir tt, gera hero micro irgi

Paexperimentuot su pitlord expo vs orcus ar pns ( is fastrax bo??? )

beastmaster ir fast rifles BO vs orc. Bear + hawk lb greit gaut  ( mili creep kai pressurini ) ir

push? Pns kaip lich bus

vs ud reikia daugiau train. Vs elfus ALL IN train, creepint su gold peasants ir tt.

update fast rifles bo, later hero padaryt ir daugiau resources + faster tech

Train su mollyandlucy ir nerzhul surast. Cechi mb? ir changer.

VS UD NEPAMIRSK, paladin first normal hu build, reikia builda padaryt toki kad fast creep ir

fast tech ir fast arcane , ir iskart i rifles!! po techo.

+ Specialised expos, experiment reikia

Naga foots vs elf TR jai creepina, gerai losi , suveiks. Nesti peasantus su savim i atackas kad

blokuot nuo flanku, mass blocking visur. Jai gerai losi elfas negaus leveliu

BLM first vs elfus kai warden ar pns irgi good yra, jai greiciau gaut, ar kur nors cheesint megint

su normaliu pressure kaip nors. Atsimeni? BLM pala alchy rifles i gryphonus? galima megint vs

no dh

ALOT OF IT ITS IN M YLANGUAGE, but use its pretty anglonised so should  be understandable + can use google translate lol. ANYWAY, SOON GOOD SHIT GONNA HAPPEN BROS

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just thinking

Well just as the title says - thinking... Not sure how the best to explain wacraft3 and the whole pre-starting skill and starting skill not sure if it will be put to any use. Can barely find a game myself, dunno how any new player would. Thinking of restructuring the pages again, something like offencive/defencive and mixed playstyles or whatever... just meh dont know

Friday, June 8, 2012

Quick notice

Updating this website.
Making shit easier to find and be more accesable + gonna add some good shit after I am done with design. Got some pretty cool ideas already, will try to make some different guides for different skill levels, very in depth

Pre-starting skill seems to be completed
Starting Skill will consist of explanation of micro, various techniques of micro, usage of map to aid you, tips n tricks and how to counter them and basicaly a training programme to get some skill fast