Saturday, August 18, 2012

Best way to improve @ micro

"What's the best way to efficiently improve at micro? I have horrible micro (losing with T2 casters vs. mass grunts in front of my base, losing heroes all the time to the point at which I don't usually get a second hero b/c that second hero will die 90% of the time ........). I've noticed I have the tendency to micro from the unit interface box at the bottom of the screen, but I guess that's a really shitty way to do it.

I have trouble analyzing my bad micro too. Usually I just look at it and think, "Well, I guess I shouldn't have a-moved," but it's a lot harder than it sounds."
- anonymous on how to micro page

Okay. First you gotta check and make sure the NUMBERS of casters you had, exact numbers and the exact number of grunts + the heroes, items etc. I mean if it were 8grunts vs 4 sorcs 2 priests and beefy hero vs your low level archmage with weak level 1 water elementals, its shit for you, you have almost no damage. Just to clear out the confusion, do that. Basicaly what you should do is just turn on the replay of that game and pause in fights, plan out the course of action you coulda taken and what the orc coulda done to counter you in those certain situations. Cuz you are new it might be hard, cuz you might forgot things and so on, but just dont forget to look through EVERYTHING what coulda been used. Items, peasants, trees whatever. This is war and you need fucking everything you can use, if the fight determines who loses/wins the game, you must put everything into it lol. Even if that means pulling all your gold peasants or letting him pillage half of your base until you get the army out. Once you think about it , its all simple and logical, just gotta give your brain a chance to do that and give it some time, look through the things. Once you got some ideas on how to fight ( check out this web page, military tactics section on the left ) , so yeah once you get the ideas, try the fuck out of them. Vs computer, vs players, whatever you prefer. Get accustomed to that shit and do it in legit games. Its all basic, just like any real life skill, you hold it in your head and try it until you are fluent enough to do it for real and then you do it and see how it goes and improve it if you see something you didnt see before. Trial and error.

One could ofc say:
"just play everyday alot of games"
SURE that will do, but its basicaly the same exact process just slower and takes more time to do. Once you fight many battles, sure you will learn and instead of imagining what opponent coulda done you will see most of it DONE by opponent against you in first place (or maybe not, opps aint that smart nowadays). Yeah.. its pretty basic. Just go watch and learn from yourself and use the imagination, it might make your head hurt and will be very annoying, might make you want to hit stuff or whatever. Thats how it is when you try to use your brain really hard? 'least for me

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  1. Thanks!

    I actually did take a look at the replay again after I'd cooled down from my "wtf happened ..........???" and realized that the game was still winnable when I'd left. My opponent was all-in at that point. I'd kicked every single one of his burrows, we had close hero levels (he used FS, not BM), he only had grunts and no T2 buildings (not that I had much DPS, but I could definitely have stalled for units), and I hadn't pulled all my lumberjacks even, hadn't been continuing training shit and rallying them into my base for a big push out, didn't upgrade the two towers just sitting there ... brain just wasn't working. :(

    In general, how do you recommend prioritizing unit control? I usually a-move my melee and then try to focus with my ranged while not letting my heroes die, but I've noticed it's really ineffective with weak melee like footmen.