Monday, August 20, 2012

Firelord is a very good hero... ops

Yeah just wanted to say that. Soon ill show how to rape in human mirror with FL first on TM ( HARDCORE ) especially vs that new trend of going merc camp first creep without fast altar! Firelord is really getting popular nowadays vs HU, very good hero. Fragile,but with care deadly ( just like his spawns ). Btw i am a bit retarded so in last weeks cuz of being "sad" i kinda didnt eat stuff for days and when i did it was only shit food so now i have a b it of vitamin deficiency.. basicaly whenever i stand up i get nosebleed and low energy in general, pretty bad timing for that as in i have to move out soon. WELL WHATEVER GOOD SHIT COMING SOON I HOPE. ( dont have internet most of the days now too :((( )

Luckily theres many good replays coming out from the pros recently, check them out !

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  1. Oh man get well soon ! Anyway im horny on that FL shit :)