Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I never thought that reading what I wrote in the past would come in so fucking handy sometime!

You know how I said : "balblalbala i suck and teching with blm fucking blows and takes too much skill" Well fuck that mentality. Thats for shitfags. I still feel pretty hesitant to just drop all the rifle/footy stuffs ive been doing vs UD and ORC and the new things which I didnt get to post vs HU yet were doing pretty good I guess? BUT ive already got some clues on some ways how to connect it all, but even if i dont its no problem. Some maps are good with footy/rifle or just instant rifles, some not. For those upgraded new generation techs would be perfect ? Anyway, alot TO THINK THROUGH, but i am jst happy i got some connections and more will come obviously once I start getting onto it alot more seriously, just like back in the day. Basicaly, SHITS GOING TO GET DOWN SOON

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