Saturday, August 25, 2012

It leads to......

That i am fucking retarded nr.2 . I forgot all about fighting spirit and what made me play wc3 and why was it fun, no wonder i am fucking inactive nowadays............... FUCKING MICRO AND SHIT. Every bullshit is eeffective aslong as you can micro it good enough and find new ways that shit can micro better. Thing is, you opt for easier micro by going for archmage first or mk first or whatever is common nowadays, it always looks more effective in everything, but thats not because it is, its because the path is cleared by other players for you, in the end even archmage or MK at TOP level where you must innovate in micro everyday will require to make new paths and work hard, theres no excuse to that, theres no easy way and you should fucking remember that, really hard. BASICALY NEVER TRUST YOUR fucking head, it leads this and that way , but never the right way. Its pretty funny that i will say this, but disney got a point, you just have to follow your heart


btw, tried playing micro arena, i fucking suck ass right now

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