Friday, October 26, 2012

Many people say that they like adventuring/es and that they want to do it or whatever, but they lose so much time because of the "guarantees". It takes long time to acquire that cash you think you are supposed to have. Thing is, its possible without it, and its not really an adventure if you do it like with like 3 condoms on top, more like taking a bus than adventuring. Yet who am I to critisise, I cant do a thing. Like sure, I can make myself do something for short-long durations of times, maybe even years,  but really it feels as if I am faking it all and I just dont want to keep going with it purely cuz of that, as if I, the real me is not the one who commanded to partake in that activity in the first place, I was deceived and wasting your precious life time and making mistakes is something you want to avoid, or do you? Well one thing for sure, if you are being sad and depressed you are selfish or completely alone, with noone to care about. I guess best tactic would be have 2 people who care about each other to even it out and create absolute balance. Lol.

nice music mix btw.  I must force myself to bed now, my ego is taking too much control, must resist

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