Sunday, October 14, 2012

Safety not guaranteed

 weird day. from ultimately depressed with 0 energy, to worried as fuck, to suicidal and lifeless, to this

[3:16:17 AM] crowjambouuuuu: such a good mood right now
[3:16:21 AM] crowjambouuuuu: long time since i had this
[3:16:22 AM] crowjambouuuuu: total euphoria
[3:19:50 AM] crowjambouuuuu: u ever have that
[3:19:56 AM] crowjambouuuuu: where u are doing nothing really
[3:19:56 AM] crowjambouuuuu: but
[3:19:59 AM] crowjambouuuuu: u are so happy
[3:20:11 AM] crowjambouuuuu: as if your heart beat is in the sync with beat of the life
[3:20:18 AM] Jun/feRfe: pl
[3:20:19 AM] Jun/feRfe: ok
[3:20:23 AM] crowjambouuuuu: and your eyes can penetrate the wonders of the universe
[3:20:47 AM] crowjambouuuuu: as if all of your blood comes together into your heart
[3:20:54 AM] crowjambouuuuu: and shoots a spiral of light to the sky
[3:21:00 AM] crowjambouuuuu: connecting you to all of the life

 By the way watch a movie "safety not guaranteed" its BLOODMAGE THE MOVIE! Listen to this song my brothers

Played many retarded games today, mostly laying on my bed. Its very weird and uncomfortable, but like I said I had 0 energy, was so depressed and sad and unmotivated that I couldnt even sit in the chair.
Heres the replays :
Many losess, some obs games where I quit etc, but total 17 reps. Got some sweet ideas, especially ffrom the last games. Like blacksmith upgraded militia action, skippin' footies RETURNS!, instant expos with no units RETURN!, fast tech to fast air BLM! Banished raiders and fiends cant WEB OR SNARE OMGGGGGGGGGGG.

btw updating strategy and tricks section, updated timings section a bit on top

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