Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The ultimate puzzle

Sometimes I forget why do i even bother with wc3 anymore, its totaly uninteresting and not really competetive anymore, but today is not that day, today I remember why, its because of the bloodmage. This mother fucker never fucking works properly, its like UHHHHHHH bitch why cant I win using you, why do you feel 2x weaker even if I try 2x harder than with normal shit, why must you be so bad!!!?? But maybe I am just not trying hard enough. In the end bloodmage may have higher potential, may... Bloodmage isnt completely explored yet too. The dps side of his isnt explored yet, the banish/flame/flame kings way as ferfe put it isnt explored yet too. The absolutely flawless micro wasnt done with bloodmage yet. There is still hope that he indeed may be the ultimate weapon. But that is not what matters anymore. Thinking there is some kind of ultimate weapon, the magic pill, is what made me so weak in all these years. Instead of focusing on skill, on perfection or whatever, on myself more like, i hoped for something better. This is too hard! There must be a better way to do it! You run arround in circles try this and that and in the end those things sure are easier and bring better results so you stick with it, but then after a while you meet a guy who doseant give a fuck about anything, he just takes what you think is shit and he microes it so good that it just fucks you sideways. By microes I dont mean pulls this and that back or does some sweet surrounds or some shit, I mean he uses the units the way you never thought about using them before. Like fucking priests not EVEN HEALING, healing disabled to preserve mana and have instant dispel and just FUCKING DISPEL MASSSSSSSSSSSively everything. THAT COMES SO FUCKING HANDY SOMETIMES, GOD DAMN. Shit niggers I did so many mistakes, but in the end I think I needed to make them to move on forward. My league stats are complete joke, my stats in general are complete joke, its like i am worst player in history who was able to beat progamers and still lose to total noobs same day, not even by luck. Crush a pro one game, lose to noob next game. Anyway fuck that talk. BACK TO THE BUSINESS.

How do i make this motherfucking bitch hero work?? Fuck so many options, so much testing must be done, but something dont feel right, or does it? Maybe I am being a bitch again and should just go and check them out, force myself. Like today vs Cai i did 18tech BLM fast altar with 1 arcane tower completely exposed to provoke his attacks right ( in mirror ) and after tech i did 3 rax and smith. Basicaly I scout with BLM and if he does try to attack me I make 3 foots quick and call mass militia etc etc etc while teching to knights, no upgrades no anything, super savings mode and break into quick knight with banish mage. That worked good, but cai fucking sucked dat game hard. Still it felt as if everything was so fucking smooth, so solid.

I NEED MORE DIRECTION, focus focus bitch. Alright. Pulled allnighter so pardon my shitty writing.

Bloodmage vs Humanzzzz:

The footman method. Its the one Ive been doing recently alot, not much success tho' lol, lost most of my games. Weakness is that lvl 3 archmage gonna come and he gonna come SOON, he creeps faster, he creeps safer, he creeps bigger, he can afford to send footman to scout, you only can try, he can multi creep ez, he can fight your militia, he can base raid you with WE's, he can solo creep, he can gain extremely t2 control early, he can tech t3 and still be able to pressure or pick off not too weak, he can drag shitloads of time, he can harass you very well.

But what can I do???
You can kill militia okay-ish in exchange of fighting power(flame over banish or so), you can surround shit with banish if you have enough skill, u can use flamestrike to creep certain camps faster, u can use banish to creep certain creeps quicker or loot an item and get away ( like in some camps could banish ensanre trolls, kill main ogre and run away before banish runs out i guess ), you got bigger dps on hero, but slower move speed ( so in the end u cant do that many jump shots so it really isnt that much of difference in dmg dealt by hero ) , can rape farms or altar, can boost dispel with banish, can deny heroes if have high lvl blm, can creep red camps FAST if footmans have defend ( flamestrike has advantage over WE on this )

Holy shit i just got an idea. OH SHIT I JUST GOT ANOTHER ONE. Look look FUCKING LOOK.. Its echo isles right, normaly you would go creep green or merc or whatever right, but with BLM u got free and fast creep on murlocs orange which give u lvl 2 instantly and are easy as shit if u cast proper flamestrike and if he send a footy to scout whatever u get ensanre on him from murloc probably. Another idea was doing whatever creeping green mb going to fight/rass and then using 12 militia ( pullin some from gold ) and creeping murlocs. You need 12 militia to creep the murlocs easy and fast, and shit they give lots of exp!!! Really use the gold peasants, FUCKING GOLD PEASANTS. You are behind in t1 vs AM only of your hero choice, so fuck this shit use something the archmage players wont ever dare to use, fucking gold peasants.They want to be fags and summon elementals, fine, fuck them sideways with ur beefy lvl 3 bloodmage out of nowhere while rassing on fucking EI bitch. Could probably flame to creep and then skill banishes immediatly, cuz new idea came in and its about not siphoning mana at all, it makes your bloodmage not deal damage which is important, it adds up, you need to keep shooting that shit. Vs WE's you probably should focus Archmage, we's are slow and they wont catch up if you make your fight mobile aka hero focus wars. Avoid casting spells, just shoot hard. Would probably be pretty radical if you saved up enough mana for like 2 MB even 3 flamestrikes and got lvl 2 flame right and as he is making his 2nd hero you just fucking burn his altar and focus it a bit. Foot and flamestrike kill buildings same speed as raiders yo. Would be some sweet advantage. Caster method I dunno if its worth it anymore, it seems too meh and AM casters really just have so much advantage that its not even fun anymore. Probably raw powering aka no lube moding would be the best especially after gaining dis sweet advantage early on. Platoplus ghost would go gryphons in mirror, thats a good idea cuz gryphs beat water elementals and with BLM u got banish too which boosts it even more. Could really become killing machine if get mana pots, banish flame HERO KILLING LOL with gryphs. Still tho gryphs would probably be viable only if he goes t3 with 1 arcane sanctum, if he dual sanctomed and stays t2 you will just get uber slowed and hero focused.gryphs can scout and rass though, will drag enough time till mortars with shards probably. Mort gryphon eh... Use gryphs and banish to destroy anyone trying to rush through, pick off summons feed till 6 or so, get beefy as a motherfucker, morts lure out and destroy caster before they can even cast their shit... What if he expanded.. If he expanded will have to use gryphs and flamestrike to delay and bank up, cuz need meat to fight. Still wont be able to really siege him, he got invis strong heroes vs morts on the ground only and some gryph, too easy to flank and defeat. Thats why will have to take expansion, gives an opening for him to get hawks/copters/rifles whatever and push you up while blizz rassing ur main or something. Yes thats why will have to keep the pressure on him with your arial advantage and ur copter scouts will show you everything and all of his timings. Get some tower sup in expo probably, todefend vs mortar flanks and give some cover for gryphozzz. If he gets paladin 3rd he will be lvl 1 for some time, will have to finish it then, cuz flamebanish mage wont last vs 3 hero high level unless reskill and get some caster support or 2nd hero pala. Which should be only used as last resort. If u think about it, some gryphs banish and flamestrike nuke shoujld really pack a punch, shit should just drop dead in seconds. Might be sweet. Knights seem to be only good if u get them mass upgraded, otherwise they suck nuts..... Well what if do upgrade them, if have good footy aggressive opening and play you could even upgrade the footies to make ur aggro even stronger and later switch to da knights and finish it. This reminded me of the idea i had earlier today. Fast built rax normal altar hero and then asap 2nd rax as little peasants as possible just the highest number of footies possible and 2nd rax to keep the pump  going non stop with BLM as lead and pressure. Shit i go test that right away fuck this article ill finish it later, posting what Is written right now cuz it got some legit ideas

Just ran the masssssss footies as fast as possible test : http://www.mediafire.com/?cz3bcozhcb49ta9
Heres the replay. Holy shit that was alot of footies. This might be something like mass hunts in elf mirror, completely different bo just to fuck ur opp up, completely not standart and flexible, one sided and stubborn. Even faster is possible, by 10seconds for sure probably. And lulz once u reach the food cap and dont need more foot u just call all ur militia and go creep something for that level u need ( even gold peasants LOL ) if you are all innin ALL IN PROPERLYYYYYYYYYY.  Not gonna be able to heal ur stuff though, mb if game drags and u get a healscroll only. Btw its probably worth it banishing opps footmen over WE's, wes are slow. Anyway once u get 2 rax foots rolling and if u managed to delay opps tech well enough, which should happen cuz he needs to pull militia vs u to defend, cuz of footman number advantage. You should roll over him, 2 rax rebuild faster.

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