Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A reply

Do you like 3P speedbuild altar and 2P speedbuild farm for ultra-fast archmage blizzard harass in mirrors? When I do this, I usually tech as soon as possible, get tower, shop and another farm on the way to tier 2 then add bloodmage + 2 sanctums for fast invisibility and dual-AoE harass. This can be extremely annoying for the other player.

Well sure is good at certain situations and can prove to be effective, but it can be countered if the opponent sees you coming to harass before you reach him and staying a bit defencive until his arcane tower goes up. This gets completely countered if he goes naturaly for a fast arcane tower, especially in front and leaves like a footman or two in base or just creeps nearby or goes into mass creep mode and then suicides your main base before arcane sanctums/while arcane sanctums are in progress. But well, if you know what are the threats its simple for you too. Sure he may have a tower in front or in the back, but it costed money too + you can avoid it if you use a mercenery to tank first  few shots or take it out all together or use critter creeps or peasant to staff to and go behind it. Not to mention that infront arcane tower will get easily killed later on and if you went very fast tech and he went into slower mass creep and arcane tower, his tech speed will be alot alot slower giving you invisiblity and 2nd hero earlier and giving you the edge at killing that tower.

I used to play archmage tinker in mirror, once you get that factory from tinker you can kill those infront arcane towers or towers in the back fairly easy combined with blizzard, and factory + blizz rapes peasants, especially if you lure in peasants with your factory and once they start hitting it you blizz on the factory lol.
If you manage to keep his tower numbers low and you got some towers at home + you got decent mobility, aka invis, zeps, boots,staffs, breakers (scout and aggressive) you can reallyyyyyyy contain the human and make him be forced to turtle while you are free to plow on him from all sides if you are careful enough and if you have da skillz multitask some minor creeping or an expo. Get the mobility advantage and then the limit is only your skill

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