Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I just want to share this

I may not be playing warcraft 3 anymore, but spirit of bloodmage isnt dead within. Man, these days been depressing,but at the current moment, shit I am happy. The idea of pure skill, no matter how despised the tool may be, I love it, thats bloodmage. No matter how many times I fail, blame my tools, I will get up and use it again, because in the end its not the tools fault, its mine. Let it flow through your veins and you will truly see beauty. The longer this keeps going the more I remind myself of some kind of crazy psycho character from cartoons/movies, something like crazy wizard who got consumed by magic, trying to gain more and more power exceeding his limits, but dying in complete euphoria, because the true magic potential revealed itself right before his death. Well shit, this is just funny. Anyway just sometimes want to share these feels, they just make me so excited, cant wait to fucking train and OWN SHIT UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP in whatever comes up next ( aka league of legends right now lol ), btw going to germany in 3 days. WILL THIS BE A LIFE TURN ARROUND? CROWJAMBO REBORNOOOOOO? I cant tell, but sounds interesting enough to try. Whats my life worth anyway, if I dont give it any worth. Just another low life trash with nothing to offer, or a hero

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