Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Angry greek man

Yeah i am pretty known for clumping up all of my thoughts into one big mess and making it extremely unmotivational to read, probably because I write whenever i am somewhat on the roll and actually excited about it, its extremely fun to write sometimes too. Though whenever i check my posts, some of them are so emo and ghay makes me laugh when u read another day lol, just being human being you know, lil bit of ghay in each of us. Sadly I never did become the guy who made bloodmage techs and what not really work. I lack the something what makes one into true soldier who can represent ideals, and until I get it I will fail in everything in life no matter what I do, Ill always fall behind, just like all those secondary movie/anime chars. But I am working on it, and maybe there will be someone out there who gets into this too and seeks this website out, and he will have it

Just read some of my old stuff again, WHY PAST ME KNOWS SO MUCH AND WHY IS HE SOO SMART DAMN......... Goddamn he reads me right through, he knew how ill be in the future, that sly fucker shit, i cant be this

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