Monday, March 25, 2013

nigs n hoes the new NDS games mb

Deep Fear (Sega Saturn)

i am support so just worry about that role for now. Btw karma seems like very nice choice with pantheon bot lane or so. Movespeed and easy to land stuns n slows + shields

code of chivalry really dude. Dont abband friends,allies,noble causes

personal pain is really a shit thing if you are what you think you are, think about others instead of yourself and let others think about you, that is the noble crow way not something else really. So yeah, stfu and start working hard faggot, you know what to do

Red - End Of Silence

wc3 train for zotac cups
vs hu expo
vs orc map control fighting
vs elf t1 or expo
vs undead map dominance or expo with map pressence

learn moonrunes fagtetsetetetet

yes once again

actually it would be pretty refreshing to try to learn something again, just like in the old days. Mb pick up a program or two. Like music making or video editing or photoshop you know, that kind of stuff. Go out more, dance and sing, play the harmonica. Just be yourself you know, stop concealing those things for the sole purpose of training more which doseant really happen aswell cuz i am so unhappy huh

Yes, get back to stacking ebooks and learn that shit, not like in the past ( by only stacking ) actually read it and integrate it into everyday for maximum benefits fagget

retro games gauntlet! to challlengo my skillzzzzzzzzz

ninja gaiden
super ghouls n ghost or whatever its called

grimes nigster


  1. blue october
    kyla la grange

  2. dance lol take some crime pamegink mimic for fun