Thursday, April 18, 2013


magic pen or get fucking hybrid pen ir magic pen glyphs!!!
pen boots mask into SOTD IE LW ir void staff or rabadons or GA or so.
arba vietoj LW YOUMUS jai hybrid pen nors gan suckins turbut later

Yi su jax masteries, magic pen runes mb ir tiesiog spam Q in lane ir i statik shiv ir wits end + warmogs or so. Dont build for crits. Fuck youmu lw ie. Lb geras dmg bet single target tai reikia buildint team pagal tai


hybrid pen kad naudoti high damage is auto attacks ir tada buildint kad scalint into maximum AP or AD damage is early game both dominance

master teemo

Master yi jungle. Full movespeed 9 0 21 +movespeed quints. Few doran rings, statik shiv maybe fast boots or so flash as summoner spell and just counter jungle and run arround everywhere and jungle really fast. Dont push lanes, rather steal enemy jungle probably not buffs but small camps and swiftly run away and take ur own gradualy weakening enemy jungler really hard

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Banshees veil on YI dude, never forget, good shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
really build yi for carry slaying lets say. Youmus IE ar sotd ir tada BT's ir zinai Banshees veil cleanse exhaust etcccccc. Kad support APC negaletu stop me

blood thirsters ir guardian angel ir dive carry ar pns. Gal pds

muramana dbr 120 extra dmg duoda on hit ant 2k mana, + extra ad is manamunes effect tai nice damage jai neketini kritikalu buildint

Tons of AD yi! runes and so. 30 0 0 gal net. Gal dar attack speed biskeli ar armor pen in runes vietoj armor ar pns. Atsimeni anksciau puse hp nupisdavai su 200 ad ant lvl 5 :D. Po to koki stinger ipisi ir ciulps bybi ir LW

Cooldown reduction jax? Q's ir E's ir W's galesi spamint MADDDDDDDDDD ypac jai manos bus. Net be pen turetu buti geras dmg nes prispamini tiesiog

normal masteries ir armor pen su tear of the godess on jax ir max E ganetinai nice.. i toki yi armor pen  build

su jax 0 9 21
lifesteal movespeed. Buy mana regen, some dorans or vamps and phage
frozen mallet + armor pen after that ( trinity force or so mb instead of mallet )
spam counterstrike, fight alot and use tons of lifesteal and the advantage of 0 cmg from creeps with counterstrike

Xin zhao mad op nigga..... Armor pen runes + jo challange armor reduction. Isvis gali tada YOUMUS GHOSTBLADE into 3 vamps + frozen mallet or red buff ir tower dive 24/7 su ghost or something :D

get fucking xin zhao and rengar for op ownage

jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaax same shit as yi

arba blade of ruined king + youmus or last whisper ir duel people + buy some more lifesteal mb

Youmus frozen mallet

Youmus + 3 vampiric scepters + mb frozen mallet? op for tower diving and catching fags and duelz

Tanky yi . Doran rings, movespeed/attackspeed
wits end hex drinked mercs warmogs
PD instead of wits end atmas ninja tabi warmogs
and similar. Roam push lanes. Exhaust wouldbe nice + ghost

armor pen yi, into youmu sotd or youmu ie lw pd etc. For maximum damage

AP tanky
Ad tanky ( 9 21 0 )
AD burst dmg
AD consistent damage with resets

nunu top pretty op dude

cloack of agility to win lanes

learn lyrics of machinae supremacy songs ir sing along to lift my fucking spirits up and workout niggersszzxdzxd

magic pen glyphs make u go up to 19 magic pen

possible to have 15 15 magic armor pen and armor seals


  1. Armor pen or AD yi into armor pen, bet RUSH SHEEN?

    check the damage on that. Doublestrike + sheen turetu buti OP burst dmg su AD stuffs. Trinity force youmus IE and shit pretty good, aisku expensive, bet dunno? Trinity force not crits but steady high damage. Yi's kit is somewhat like that, trynda is crits, yi is double strike

  2. sword of divine assassin yi su Revive ir gal net TP?

    pasiaukoji i adc ir tada eini barona imi su teamu :D

  3. vs visokius hit n run fags kaip renekton top lane ar singed reikia ant jaxo ar yi rushint Frozen mallet. Kaip second item!
    pirma galima blade of ruined king ar vamp scepter PD

    nors turbut net neapsimoka.. Ipisi lifestealo ir meditate maxini. Gal ninja tabi ir uzteks, buildini youmus ir bloodthirsteri ir eini i op carry slaying. Galima red buff pasigriebt later ir megint duelint jai matai kad dmg gali padaryti jam

  4. supportink su flash ignite. Ypac su annie ir magic ppen, nes tada galiu unexpected high burst su flahs stun QW ignite ir gauti kills in lane

    yi su flash cleanse ar pns