Friday, April 26, 2013

mark 1

gal tanky runes etc ir tuo paciu WITS END Yi ir gal magic pen for Q rass ir tada tanky shit ir wits end for dmg naudot ir gal lizard elder ar pns later

Tanky runes. HP scaling ar HP % ir masteries paziuret kiek hp duos ir tada galima dps toki decent

udyr jax yi trynda xin fiora gp

q w max ir spirit visage yi ar GP spirit visage su max oranges kaip nida ad top bruiser
ir veliau  i team fight itemz

youmu GA sotd or so
crit dmg runes ir sotd rush ir E max or so ir GA

play to kill
annie poppy bot
blitzkrieg blm , expo/tech/upgrades rush 21tech

and well what can i say, goodjob faggot...
Just drop the pc already, its too high of a burden to keep up at current stage. Not like anyone will miss you anyway ( atleast for more than a week lol )
though dats not the point

wait why i am even writing wtf faggot lets go explode

youmu ie lw mallet/banshees veil + mallet/banshees veil + GA

krc jax su tear of the godess max E Q ignore W  armor pen

ir cooldown reduction boots + brutalizer ar pns po vamp ir hex drinker jai reikia ir warmogs ar mallet at some point. Normal items krc

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