Sunday, May 12, 2013

kwa kwa


AD PER LEVEL into PD IE warmogs LW yi or so?

yi with PD into Black cleaver into Warmogs Ie Ga mallet or so

 kayle with movespeed n cool down reduction itemzzzzzzzzzz for op poke n control. Later into tankyness n attack speed or so mb or trinity or such.

kayle pro lifesteal jungle/toppppppppppp + some cdr ( check how much can get from blues )
prob some like dat and cooldown boots alone or stinger would suffice

alistar jungle
cooldown reduction
mb 0 9 21
movespeed quints attackspeed

shiv + trample op split push

test out trample more n more

ghost smite? op lane ganks, might not even need head butt Q combo just run in and Q head butt away and red buff apply.

warmogs bulwark etc etc etc. Shit tanky son

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