Tuesday, May 21, 2013

oh wow dipshit

trundle blade of ruined king + hydra op

poppy jungle


time spent dead - ( runes n mastery + revive ar pns and non stop backdooring nigga! )

not bad

 annie, veigar, sion
yi, trynda, gp . Mb no trynda
twitch? jungle even

ghost revive, flash revive.. later su homeguards bus vos ne kaip su TP grizt ii team figght.. lol

 Depends on what for am i building right.. Pretty much yi needs to team fight or roam, cant stay in lane forever vs anyone. Flash exhaust are great summoners for team fights, cuz yeah i will dive the carries ussualy, unless i build something like PD black cleaver randuimns and peel for adc. But even so flash exhaust will be ok as exhaust is nice for peeling...

Depends on what i am diving... galima butu  IE executioner BT ( PD? another executioner?or IE ) LW zhonyas GA
zhonyas n ga allow for counter measures vs all kinds of gayness... or zhonyas + merculiar scimitar
hopefuly highlander will suffice for attackspeed and crits will be high enough and will cripple the enemies lifesteal too...

 no ty..

Crit dmg, AD per level runes.... Infinity edge, executioners calling ir tuomet kuo daugiau raw ad n crit + trinity force. Op fat crits for resetz

full dmg ad yi into zhonyas

le knight club

Knight area
nox arcana

Wtf dudebro! THE CIRCLE IS BACK! dam dam dam

stop looking for ""FUN"" WAYS N TECHNIQUES, you dont even like them and shit ur just wasting time.. Just as with bloodmage. You already know what you like to, what you good at and what it is. Stop jerking arround and go deeper. Work on skill rather than technique etc etc etccccccccc.........

I guess same goes to anything really. You are playing arround in outside layers too much like a fag, go deeper


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