Tuesday, May 14, 2013

tanky rune mastery yi


attackspeed + lifesteal quints ( 21% ats ) ir blade of ruined king into PD HYDRA N SHIT
OP YO NIGGAAAAAAAAAAAA . + spirit visage LOL. Pack a red buff n rape train them all

Armor pen + lifesteal quint. + 2 BT ar bt hydra into PD LW GA or so

Rush ravenous hydra. so good

Arrested Development

this guide but play SAME ( CHANGE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ) as i do with armor pen. All aggressive n strong n shit

AD sion. Rush statik shiv + max W into E? op wave clearing.
Though galima buildint ad sion for not op damage, bet very good sustain defencive top laner ir tuomet tik HP ir attackspeed ipist ir armor pen ir toks peeling ir tankint gerai ir su kokiu frozen mallet jai ka divint gali su tokiu nice auto attack damage.

kayle with starks fevor tanky items ir pora offencive just like YI ( not pure dmg )

tanky masteries or runes or both ( as in scaling health or so ) yi
and pretty much same build. See how it will fare if you do the tanky  PURE dps route


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