Friday, December 26, 2014


: )
Well another all nighter done as I slept through whole day yesterday, its a serious problem now, can't help it but remember nothing, feel nothing, but pleasure of resting after I fall asleep. It's funny how after so many years of wanting to be able to relax and feel carefree and just live, now that I actually feel like that, all it brings is troubles. I guess everything always has its downside and upside of course, just very funny that's all. Other than that just played some games, filmed some of it with my friend Eskio, if I see it even slightly suitable I'll upload it. I hate majority of youtubers, my reasons don't matter, but so you know I just do, so its weird turn of events to actually want to do videos myself. It's just weird urge, plus its actually really fun to have some kind of secondary goal when you play, makes me want to actually play games which I rarely ever feel anymore apart from esports. And rewatching your gameplay later just brings a nice smile back if it were good moments, so all is good :) .
Sadly my webcam cant capture the full blown orange sky and sun outside my window, but snow has fallen once again and chilly breeze going through the gaps of my window really puts a nice atmosphere arround. Ahhh.. that smell of cold wintery wind, so so sweet.

BTW:  I did slightly update STRATEGY and Tricks pages for warcraft 3

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