Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I've had quite enough of my laziness, im really coming back to this blog now. But not to waste my own time and make myself believe I m doing something worthwhile while once again I would be just wasting some more of my time, BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT to post pretty much everything im doing to kind of keep track of who I am, as no matter how stupid it sounds, I forget that too often and become confused. I believe this might help me become a better person in some a way id like. Plus I always wanted to try doing this, and always enjoy looking back onto my old posts from before even the embarassing ones, its just interesting to see in detail of how you were in the past.

Few of the things im going to do soon :
  1. Reconstruct the blog. Make it look nicer and more hip with the things which are about to come
  2. Post some videos, audios,pictures, guides, text posts about things such as ( games,games,games)
  3. Start a series of some kind, to help motivate myself get up from bed and do something with my day
  4. Make some more videos, probably league of legends gameplay. No replays, make vids right?
  5. Im going to take a shower and walk my dog!!!!!!!! Oh yeah gotta cook some delicious curry too.
And thats about it for now, see you soon blog xoxo

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