Thursday, January 8, 2015

2014 WC3 full strats micro post. Footy dominated


1. Banishmage footies. Some towers, good base.

    Elf early expo = MK 2nd mass rifles+ mercs counter expo ( vs strong DH or so )
    Elf early expo = rifle/priest pala/alchy tower push. ( vs weak early champs, panda/warden )
    Elf standart = workshop + 2 aviary. Scout the elf hard, get MK 2nd., pala/alchy 3rd. morts/gryph/copter Bank hard or expand

    maybe? = more footies, MK 2nd, ivory tower expansion. Into rifles + t3 gryphs hard./ or t2 mass pump of caster rifle.


1. Banishmage footies. Lots of footies and quick tech.

    Orc harassing = split off and run arround. Try to keep track of him and stop him from farming anything big
    Orc leaves = farm a decent camp safely with dust quick. Save wood for rifles and upgrades.
    Orc teched no grunts = MK 2nd tier 2 expansion with some towers. rush t3 and gryphs + pala
    Orc normal = rush 2 2 rifles while powerfarming. Push and end the game asap, or raid burrows first. Paladin 2nd.
    Orc running arround backdooring = bank 50 and build secure base. Kill burrows, prepare for final push. ( with counter units )

    maybe? = force t2 expansion no matter what with banishmage + paladin or mk into mass rifles to hold it. Block peasant line wiht towers.


1. Flamestrike mage footies ( late footies on bad maps ). Good strong base + many towers ( guard towers pls ). Farm as much as you can!!

    Human t1 expo = rush mass priests with dispel, and counter expo once many. Farm 3 and suicide with TP.
    Human t2 expo = wreck his base as he expands with the normal timing super all in, shredders/manapots/zeppelins/footies/breakers
    Normal t2 stuff = protect the base, scout with breaker, suicide with breakers and flamestrike. Flamestrike all of his base to death.
              farm at same time preferably with priests and militia + some other breaker etc. Level 5 flame very worth.


1. Banishmage footies or Flamestrikemage footies. Decent ammount of towers at base + good layout to camp in. Low caster, hard breaker + copter.

rifle style? or breakers upgraded solo blm farm and hit and run style? blm pala rifles t2 expo into mass mass rifles + gryphs?

the biggest strenght, is biggest weakness

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