Thursday, January 8, 2015

Darius guide updates + old wc3 guides updates

 Okay so I made the Darius top lane guide today. I'll give it another read through and see for mistakes in spelling and in readability later on, really exhausted now. Really troubling to write guides to the game you haven't played in a week. SIGH I WANNA PLAY ! But just waiting for my laptop.

By the way, I always see some traffic going into the old guides so I checked them out. And gee they have very narrow information and the grammar is a bit hard to follow.. I mean it is even now, but back then it was much worse. So I'll be updating them slowly, I don't want to make them too good, as they are supposed to be what they are supposed to be "old". They tell old and not so good tactics, but its my legacy so I don't want to totally rehash them, just a small visual update, and small strategy tweak. Anyway I've done it on old contempts guide already.

Heres some notes to myself, play these with eskio or gaige or both? + other homies ( if they interested ) :

  • rfactor drift with the touge/intial D mods.
  • NFS underground 2 drift/race etc
  • w3arena or custom maps
  • alien swarm
  • heroes 3 wake of gods, can just film the battles once we meet. Fun times
  • byond resident evil
not sure what else would be fun to play, deleted all the games which seemed like would be fun and cool, but in the end never want to touch them as they just lack that special something which truly makes me adore a game.

Btw, do the audio commentaries once you can again, was fun.

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