Sunday, January 11, 2015


What makes a player/game fluent, beautiful and just worthwhile watching?

Well whenever I turn on a stream or a replay of someone or watch a drift video, I usually turn it off in less than a minute. Sure that is pretty closed minded of me and I realise that, but there's not point in watching someone playing something they have low ammount knowldge of. Not saying they are unskilled or do poorly or anything, but it is just so STALE and repetetive. Everything just becomes bland. I mean I can pick up any champion in league of legends and play it top lane. First games might feed, but on lets say third one I have a clue on how to lane without feeding and get cs. So many players do this and consider it "learned champion", while the same effort you just put into learning this champ could have been used to further advance one of your currently played champions. And if you dare to say that there is nothing to advance further then you are a noob and you are lying. Its alot harder to move further when you are good with something already, its much easier to pick up something what you are bad at and become decent. All those champion requests from the audience for the streamers, SO BORING! At first I was excited about the whole idea, oh wow they gonna show something great! But even the most skilled of streamer on a Master Yi or Darius performed so poorly, the plays were bland, nothing special was happening, they seemed extremely uncomfortable ( obviously ). Just so not beautiful and smooth. For long time I was a fool and I thought individuality is something on what you "decide" more or less, like the champion pick or the way you build or the car you drive. But it has absolutely nothing to do with it, it all comes from one simple thing = dedication / time spent on that one thing. Many people are alike when it comes to basic things, you cant define your own individuality with it, neither can you with basic terms or hobbies. Its not what you do, its how you do it obviously and the more time you spend on something the more you improve or change, the more doors and paths of left and right you take and eventualy they form you into completely different kind of players or person. Theres not a person in the world who will be exactly like you in a long term if you both tackle the goal of being the best at something ( or anything else ). At first there will most likely be alot of similarities, but slowly overtime even the most likeminded people will become so different and so beautiful in how they overtake their opposition.

 I used to be very basic when it came to things like these. You either play bloodmage or you suck and you are boring "cookie cutter". But after training and meeting some other bloodmage players, I absolutely disliked their playstyles and I thought of them how inefficient and wrong they were. I loved the core ideas and how different it was so I went onto improving it , my own way. But I was a fool like I mentioned before and never sticked to anything in particular, always only adapting to my enemies rather than forcing my own will on them. I didn't trust or believe in my self enough to do that. And if you can't do that, you can't be a champion. You can keep up, but even half a second means you are a loser and highly inferior. Tell yourself whatever you want, the final outcome is all what matters.

Anyway what this post is, its just a reminded to myself as I often go back and read these things, to hold on and make things my own way. That dosean't mean to be close minded, but don't spend whole days and weeks researching, it is fun and all at first, but later you will lose without dedicated training + without any distractions. What is the most fun thing is when you are fighting someone head on with your own grown strategy or style, even if its highly deranged from anything standart, it dosean't matter if its what you believe in, believe in it after hours and hours of failure and sweat, this is what your mind agrees to, this is the best in my own ability. Not the best because someone else does it good, but the best because just deep inside something is telling you it is, and just never let go of it, ride it to the end and see how far it goes.

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