Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Master Yi guide update

Well I just re-released my Master Yi guide, but now on this blog instead of some kind of other website. Mostly because it constantly failed to safe and or publish so screw it, Im tired of losing my work. Guide is fairly clunky right now, Ill try to make it more readable soon enough. Anyhow I think it shows the important points of what you have to do, to play Master Yi top my style. I'll leave matchups section a mystery for each player to discover for themselfs, cuz wheres the fun of learning a new champion if I babysit you through each tough lane? : )

All you gotta know is that Master Yi beats most of the lanes, and just believe in me and go forward learning all the matchups. This way you will develop your own style of Master Yi laning, you will find your own ways to deal with hardship and grow as a player. Experience is all what matters, and this way you will get very experienced. My guide is not for some random scrubs trying to get easy elo, or some random uneducated, spiritless nooblets trying to cheese players in the top lane. This is serious guide, for people who seriously want to feel great when playing and have everything go according to their initial plans. Clean, easy, swift kills and victories. For players who want to give it their all to learn this champion and make it their own. And that is one more reason of why I m posting this guide on my own website rather than some popular guide site. I dislike the idea of people taking my work and ruining it all with their horrible personalities, only spreading the bad word about what I do. Anyway I hope the guide is interesting and you can reap some great fruits from it. I think my style is pretty refreshing to play and even losing isn't that big of a deal aslong as you fulfill your own personal goals in game.

This is what I've been listening to while writing the guide

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