Thursday, January 15, 2015

Oh right

Anyway it's time for me to stop playing around, living in a bubble of moderate comfort for a while and letting inner child take over and just be curious about things and "express" myself was fun while its lasted. Some progress was made, but in the end gotta move up and go ahead.

Everything is on halt 98% , deleting everything as I write this to pose me no distractions and not tempt me into dumb ideas. Damn I get easily swayed into bullshit, remember kids its only worth doing things you are good at or are willing to sacrifice years to be good at, otherwise its all meaningless pile of crap which will just die out as your interest slows down.

I'll still fill in some last blanks and occasionally post some as this website in general was made for my personal use,  I just enjoy writing it in a way that others would understand, because its harder this way and you learn more if you can teach your ways.

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