Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The usual drifting is beautiful post

This guys channel, very very excelent. Just look at those slicing angles and steady drift. Videos are old, but oh gee! Anyway the moment I get my gaming laptop back, for sure gonna play this game. When I played it it felt like crap, driving felt goofy and off, but now that I see whats possible, I wont stop until I can do just as beautiful and slick drift myself!

These videos dont show up on the add on function properly, this is just one of them. GO TO THE CHANNEL AND WATCH OTHERS!! its in japanese so its a bit confusing, but the film making and drift sequences so good!!!!!! Im just happy theres people out there doing such amazing things, makes me feel not so lonely when it comes to my passions. Of course dont forget to listen to some proper Initial D euro beats as you watch. Hearthwarming

An example of proper Initial D eurobeat keke ; )

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